Fall ArtScene Oct. 6-7

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30 area establishments to display art in Rockford Area Arts Council’s 19th ArtScene

“Art Is Everywhere!” is the theme for the 19th annual ArtScene this weekend, from 5-9 p.m., Friday, Oct. 6 and 3-9 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 7. ArtScene is presented by the Rockford Area Arts Council, sponsored by Wachovia Securities, Inc.

2006 ArtScene Venues

The following is a list of 2006 ArtScene Venues. The numbers next to the venues correspond to the respective locations on the ArtScene maps on page V12.

1. 520 Prairie Street Studio—520 Prairie St., 962-2976. “Mi Mexico.” Sculptures and paintings reflecting impressions of Mexico by Adriana Villagomez.

2. A Movable Feast—(Edgebrook Center) 1641 N. Alpine Rd., 227-0102 “People, Places and Things.” Steve Coogan is a local artist and educator working in long-established forms and styles. Three of the traditional artists’ genres—portraiture, landscape and still life—are represented in this exhibition of paintings and drawings by one of Rockford’s most important Realist artists.

3. ART Glass Menagerie—514 Walnut St., 519-2121. An exhibit featuring blown glass, stained glass, handmade beads, beaded jewelry and adornments, PMC jewelry, sculpture, ceramics, pottery, monoprints, collage, contemporary serving ware, hand-painted silk scarves, interesting wooden boxes and other wonderful things! Artists include Richard Arfsten, Jana Benson, Barbara Berney, NC Edlund, Robert Kerwin, Linda Lombardo, Susan Meyer, Diana Pratt, Kevin Swan and Sherry Viktora.

4. Basil Café—6500 E. Riverside Blvd., 637-9590. “Artfully Yours.” A collection of great art by local artists: H. Edward Riddle, Sandi Uram, Ty Wadley, Roni Golan, Gary Hartsfield, Catherine Lewis, Ingrid Dohm and Chris Wachowiak (Wisconsin artist).

5. Bennie’s Cleaners—126 N. First St., 964-3070. “Eye Wash.” A visual rejuvenation for the senses features works by Gordy Johnson, wooden bowls; Wanie Reeverts, soft as kitten ears watercolors; Norm Knott, out-of-the-box explosions of whimsy; Una Ryan, vintage silk, unexpected findings; Sue Mount, watercolors and assemblages that will follow you home; Anne Johnson, master basketry; Scott Mount, pencil drawings, soft and powerful watercolors; Karen Gines, abstract acrylic jewels of color, canvas; Keith Skaggs, sacred watercolor collage; Norah Nelson, semi-precious stones, precious design; Marsha Goodheart, wise woman watercolor and collage.

6. Brio—515 E. State St., 968-9463. “Those That Teach Can!” Five artists—Diane Rose Dailing, Jeanne Eberlein-Burmeister, Debra Grall, Ginny Hatwich and Lee Sido—whose diverse styles are represented in a wide range of media including drawing, photography, painting, ceramics and sculpture.

7. Burns Home Studio—226 N. Gardiner Ave., 397-9480. “Original Paintings.” An exhibit of original paintings by artist Barbara Burns feature watercolor sketches and acrylics on canvas, large and small, impressionistic abstraction, figurative to floral.

8. Carrie Lynn Center—826 N. Main St., 985-8462. “A World of Opportunities.” A series of mural art featuring stone archways leading to different countries and cultures by artist Theresa Bjerke.

9. Church Street Gallery—835 N. Church St., 961-8265. “Human/Nature.” Fiber and Mixed Media Artwork by Julaine Lofquist-Birch and Virginia A. Spiegel.

10. Clabough Photography—136 N. First St., 962-4776. “Fine Art Photographs on Canvas.” Impressionistic style photography on canvas by Tom Clabough.

11. CRU—509 E. State St., 986-2633. “Before and After Follow Each Other.” Nancy von Lugossy’s most recent mixed media assemblages will be exhibited at CRU—downtown’s newest wine, cheese and lunch establishment. Stop in and see how well Nancy’s contemporary abstract work looks in the new urban chic eatery.

12. Inspiration Salon—2591 N. Mulford Rd., 639-9251. “Artscapes.” Creative abstractions, a two-person exhibit featuring new works of contemporary art in acrylics by Carolyn Repka and watercolor on yupo paper by Diane Jensen.

13. The King’s Table Café/Gallery—308 W. State St., 986-0874. “SCAPES.” Features an exhibit of framed photos, cards and books showcasing the photography of Jeffrey D. Swanberg. Landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, gardenscapes, carscapes, escapes, etc. will be included. Black and white, as well as color images, will be featured.

14. Kortman Gallery at J.R. Kortman Center for Design—107 N. Main St., 968-0123. “Face Value.” Contemporary artist Wang Yan Qun from Beijing, China, paints arcane, yet enticing portraits along with tongue-in-cheek satirical paintings of the Cultural Revolution.

15. JustGoods—201 Seventh St., 965-8903. “Fair Trade Arts and Friends.” JustGoods, a new gallery and gift shop on 7th Street, will feature exhibits by area artists and remnants of the famous “Used Art Sale.” A non-profit venture for the betterment of the world.

16. Lula’s Vintage Boutique—221 E. State St., 962-5852. “Vitacolore.” An exhibit of pastel drawings by Jordan Kammer depicting Italian landscapes and buildings in the brilliance of color and light that one feels when one sees them in person in Italy. Done in an impressionistic style, the pastel drawings incorporate chiaroscuro and accentuate color, therefore causing the viewer the desire to gaze until they are drawn into the picture.

17. MedicineMan Design Studios—510 E. State St., 969-0960. “Ying vs. Yang.” An exhibit featuring artists Jeff Anderson and Brett Whitacre. Ying (downstairs) features a collection of abstract and landscape photographs taken at Anderson Japanese Gardens. Yang (upstairs) features a collection of limited series silk screen rock concert posters “genuine swag.” Three-dimensional functional and non-functional art.

18. New American Theater—118 N. Main St., 964-6282. “American People Project.” An ongoing project by Nels Akerlund Photography documenting the diverse faces of the American people. Come down and be photographed for the project, and see the 6-foot tall photographs of American faces.

19. Deborah Newton Studio/Residence—130 N. 2nd St., 962-1476. “New Work—New Studio.” Paintings, mostly large, all about color and feelings, love and memories by Deborah Newton.

20. Northern Leaf Imaging—4801 Boeing Drive, 494-1134. “Room with a View.” You are invited to enjoy our gallery filled with artistic views from local artists Bradley Nordlof and Karen Harding. Brad’s large format digital photography offers exquisite views from the most remote places in the country. Karen’s colorful and vibrant watercolors render the most amazing views from the mind’s eye.

21. Octane—124 N. Main St., 965-4012. “rockford: Small City.” A surreal look at our city as a series of snapshots that show giant women sauntering through the downtown Rockford area by artist Tim Stotz. They’re the girls next door… who just happen to be big enough to use the 50-foot woman as a Barbie doll. They have mischief and mayhem in their hearts, and a devilish grin on their lips. Do you run away, or watch them play, even if it means you might get smooshed?

22. Paragon—205 W. State St., 963-1660. “Raw Vision.” Artists Dan Rupe and Russ Blahnik display vibrant, impressionistic oils depicting life experiences, everyday life and three-dimensional sculpture.

23. Phenix Building—307 Mulberry St., 968-8897. “Opposites Attract.” Artist Greg Markgraf displays works in watercolor, along with various Peruvian artists. Luira Gamara turns a single matchstick into folk art, and Wilfred O’Cala works in oil on canvas. Pottery from the Amazon Pre-Columbian works will also be on display.

24. Privileges by Christopher & Company—1680 N. Alpine Rd., 395-1437. “Christopher’s Impression of Art.” Christopher has created a design signature that is simply breathtaking. His flawless craftsmanship and creativity combined with the romantic curves of his work will leave one in awe.

25. Rockford Art Museum—711 N. Main St., 9

68-2787. “Domestic Diaries: Photographic Viewpoints.” This exhibition showcases works from the Midwest Photographers Project and permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Photography. Featured artists include Todd Deutsch, Sarah Faust, Misty Keasler, Harry Callahan, Sally Mann, Osamu James Nakagawa and more. Also, solo exhibit of works by Irish photographer Angela Kelly from Rockford Art Museum’s permanent collection is on display through Oct. 8.

26. Studio A—2110 11th St., 566-1043. “Alias.” Artists at play creating images derived from an assumed identity and vision featuring Baron Von Munchausen, Sammy Davis Jr., Azure Skye, Guy Noir, Jack the Ripper, Templeton Uptight Esq., Ivan Eaton-Hogg, Punki Haskins and many more.

27. Studio Homewood—6482 Charles St., 979-3369. “Art on a Whim!” Studio Homewood, Rockford’s newest gallery, presents local artist Kai Mulford showcasing painted furniture and eclectic “objets d’art,” along with garden art by guest artist H. Edward Riddle.

28. Wachovia Securities—6801 Spring Creek Rd., 654-6200. “Borgholm Artists at Wachovia.” This is a rare opportunity to see the artwork of the Swedish artists who were here for Greenwich. Don’t miss the artistic pride of our Swedish Sister City. Friday, 5-9 p.m.; Saturday, 3-7 p.m.

29. Whitehead Realtors—839 N. Perryville Rd., 519-6492 or 229-8000. “Rockford on the Verge?” An exhibit by Ingrid Dohm featuring eclectic mix paintings, watercolors and acrylics of Rockford: City of Gardens and Rockford Appreciated.

30. YWCA of Rockford—4990 E. State St., 968-9681. “Common Ground.” Rockford artists Una Ryan, Sherrie Spangler and Sandi Uram find “Common Ground” with the use of fiber in their art. Sometimes vibrant, sometimes meditative, their work includes fiber collages, art quilts, spirit dolls, wearable art and accessories. These three talented artists have exhibited their work throughout the United States and internationally in galleries, museums, books and magazines.

From the Oct. 4-10, 2006, issue

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