Featured sites: www.JOBkwik.com, www.BIDkwik.com

Webmaster Chris Valk was appalled at how expensive it was to post jobs on Monster.com. So Valk decided to create his own job search Web site specifically for the Rockford area. He didn’t stop there. He also created an auction Web site geared for the Rockford area, which he describes as a smaller and less expensive rival to EBay.

JOBkwik.com, the most developed out of the two, offers both employers and job seekers an outlet to post résumés and area job openings. The site itself is easy to use and relatively self-explanatory. Non-registered job seekers can hop on and check out what jobs are available according to their skills and interests.

Registered job seekers and employers are informed by e-mail when a job or a résumé is posted that would possibly fill their prospective needs. The site also offers job seekers the option of distributing their résumé to other job sites and recruiters. It’s free for job seekers to post résumés and browse the site, and Valk said it costs employers “a fraction of what the big guys want.” The site offers a variety of price plans for employers to choose from.

JOBkwik.com also offers a ton of helpful resources to aid job hunters in their search such as Web sites offering interviewing tips, job advice, and stress management. JOBkwik.com also has a partnership with Rock Valley College in résumé development. The partnership, according to Valk, “allows us to send people their direction” who may be suffering from résumé anxiety.

BIDkwik.com has not been promoted the way JOBkwik.com has; therefore, it’s not as popular. Many of the available categories are still empty. However, Valk anticipates BIDkwik.com to become the biggest of the sites because it’s fun, inexpensive, and there’s no risk involved. The site offers items from all categories including coins, stamps, movies, DVDs, comic books, music, collectibles and accessories.

Valk said the site is in its beginning stage but has a few things in the works to make it a top-notch auction site in the near future. Valk said the site is free except for an exit fee and a fee if the user wants to include an extra picture. Valk added that he has found that people are a bit leery of how inexpensive BIDkwik.com is and he wants to reassure people that there are no tricks involved.

“I would rather make a dime a thousand times than a dollar once,” Valk said. People looking for an inexpensive, easy way to find or post jobs, or buy and auction items will not be disappointed by checking out Valk’s sites.

The sites are maintained by Valk and promoted by his business partners, and have been up and running since May 2003. Valk operates a network consulting company along with running the Web sites. If you like JOBkwik and BIDkwik, check out Valk’s other Web sites, DATEkwik.com and Zamboozle.com. DATEkwik, like its title suggests, is a dating service, and Zamboozle is a search engine and chat forum.

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