Food program offers free software to child care providers

The Association for Child Development (ACD), a statewide, USDA-funded food program, announces that after two years of intensive testing, it is now offering to new and currently licensed child care home providers free software for submitting documentation of meals served to children in their care by e-mail. With the installation of “KIDS2000,” a one-of-a-kind software program, providers enrolled with ACD can now maintain and submit their menus electronically each month. Developed by SkyHill Software, Inc., KIDS2000 is a complete organizational tool. In addition to submitting menus electronically, the KIDS2000 integrated system enables providers enrolled on ACD’s food program to: n Manage all information related to each child such as emergency contacts, medical information, insurance information, birthdays, etc. n Plan all child care activities daily, weekly, or monthly. n Produce daily reports for all children with just a few keystrokes. n Manage financial information related to the operation of a child care business. n Plan meals for a day, week, or month. n Create income and expense reports. n Produce invoices, monthly statements and more. n Produce certificates and create charts for setting goals, measuring progress, and rewarding children for achieving their individual goals. n Use the time management features to help manage personal and professional schedules before, during, and after child care hours. Providers also receive ACD’s monthly newsletter, Potpourri, at no cost. This newsletter is tailored to alert licensed child care home providers of CACFP policies and updates, as well as to educate parents and caregivers about child nutrition and child development. Providers enrolled on ACD’s food program receive this publication free each month; non-members may subscribe to Potpourri for $15 annually. Through Sept. 30, 2003, the KIDS2000 electronic software is offered free to licensed child care home providers who are referred by one of ACD’s current providers. The referring provider will also get the software for free. ACD is one of the largest sponsors of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) in Illinois, and is the largest sponsor in the nation serving both Illinois and Michigan. Licensed child care home providers enrolled under ACD’s sponsorship receive financial reimbursement each month for the partial cost of meals served to children in their care. Home visits are conducted a minimum of three times each year by ACD monitors. All services provided by ACD are free to charge to child care home providers participating in the food program. For more information on enrolling with the ACD food program, obtaining “KIDS2000” electronic software, subscribing to Potpourri, or taking advantage of the other benefits of the food program, please contact the Association for Child Development at (800) 284-5273, or visit ACD’s Web site at

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