Free prescription drugs available

July 1, 1993

Free prescription drugs available


Is your medication too expensive for your budget? If so, information in a new booklet might help.

The Cost Containment Research Institute in Washington, D.C. has just published a 32-page booklet, “Free & Low Cost Prescription Drugs.” The revised fourth edition booklet gives information on how and where to get free and low-cost prescription drugs.

“Many major drug companies provide free or low-cost medication, but rarely, if ever, publicize the programs,” says Gary Nave, director of the Institute. “We’ve published an A to Z listing of all the drugs that are available through patient assistance programs, for free or at very low cost directly from the manufacturer.”

Consumers can receive a copy by sending $5 to cover the cost of printing, postage and handling to: Institute Fulfillment Center, Booklet # PD-70, P.O. Box 210, Dallas, PA 18612-0210. Consumers can also get more information from the Institute’s Internet web site:

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