Free telephone screening test for hearing

With trick or treaters out and about, it is a safety issue to have sharp hearing. It is estimated that one in 12 people suffer from some type of hearing loss that causes them to miss out on life’s precious sounds. Most hearing loss develops gradually and involves no pain or discomfort. The symptoms of hearing loss tend to be subtle and easily overlooked. If you feel as though you are turning the TV up louder or asking people to repeat themselves, help is just a private phone call away.

Now there is a program that is designed to detect the early stages of hearing loss. The program is “Dial A Hearing Screening Test” (“DAHST”). “Dial A Hearing Screening Test” is a free, recorded telephone hearing screening test that allows Rockford and surrounding area residents to check their hearing levels in the privacy of their own home. “DAHST” is market approved by the Food & Drug Administration and designed to promote better hearing health.

By calling (800) 222-EARS (3277), you will be connected with an operator to assist you with the test. A series of technically-tested tones will sound. If you fail to hear all of the tones, you are advised to seek a more comprehensive hearing test.

From the Oct. 19-25, 2005, issue

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