Freedom Packages—fill ‘em up!

Freedom Packages—fill ‘em up!


You can help support the armed forces overseas. A group of volunteers and parents of servicemen and women is currently collecting items and packing them for the families of servicemen and women and their loved ones overseas. The group wants the service people from this area to know that the Rockford community supports them, and they are not forgotten.

Barrels will be placed in the four Logli grocery stores, the VFW on Windsor Road, Woodman’s, SuperValue in Winnebago and other locations to follow. Your support is needed. A list of needed items will be posted on the barrels.

The group also needs names of servicemen and women from this area, and $25 postage will send a “Freedom Package” with many needed items to Iraq. Large donations of food and toiletry items are appreciated. Thanks to the following: Ole Salty’s, Fisher’s, and Frito-Lay. The volunteer group will be happy to hear from Sunday school classes, schoolroom classes, offices, businesses, Scouts or anyone who would like to participate. If you would like to send checks for postage, please call Linda at 226-9119. Information:

The most requested item is baby wipes for cleaning. High priority is given to international calling cards. Also requested: candy, gum, cookies, glow sticks (artificial lighting source), hot chocolate and cappucino packages; drink mixes (requested lemonades and Gatorade), beef jerky, toothbrushes, toothpaste (small sizes), batteries (all sizes), deodorants, soaps (small sizes), laundry detergent (small sizes) intensive care lotion (small sizes), hand whisk brooms, wash buckets, towels, washcloths, suntan lotions, sunscreens, chapsticks, stationery, pens, envelopes, crossword puzzles, and paperback books. Magazines requested: motorcycle, sports, dirt bike. Also, facial tissue, tissue paper, portable CD players and CDs (all types of music) are requested.

Every package will be opened by military, and items not approved will be discarded and will just slow down shipping time. Please do not give the following items: Magazines showing any flesh other than hands or feet (swimsuit, tennis, etc.); no porn books or pictures, CDs films or videotapes; no currency, securities or precious metals; no political or religious materials; no pork items, no alcoholic beverages. Also, no homemade items or items that have been opened; no fresh fruit, plants or animals; no firearms or explosives.

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