Freeport's revivalization continues

“Revivalization,” not revitalization—though they are much the same thing—is what is happening in Freeport this week.

“Revivalization” has more to do with revitalizing the soul and spirit of a person; “revivalization” has more to do with restoring a person’s physical surroundings.

It is often said the most basic need in life is the need to “belong.”

All manner of people are welcome and belong at evangelist Joyce Still Manzi’s table—especially those who feel lost, lonely, hopeless, hurting, sick, overwhelmed, misunderstood, outcast, possessed, angry, grief-stricken, addicted and even those who are drunk with power and self-absorbed.

What started out as a one-week revival grew into so much more for Freeport when Pastor Joyce discerned Freeport and her church community desperately needed healing and an awakening of the spirit.

So the rest of this week, through Friday, Aug. 25, Pastor Joyce will be leading a fourth, and final, week of revival at the Freeport Plaza Hotel (on U.S. Highway 20 East) at 7 p.m., and at the Family Christian Center, 223 S. Galena Ave., Freeport, at 11 a.m.

Area pastors have also been empowered; having witnessed miraculous healings and received knowledge, they, too, are further equipped to nurture the seeds planted for all people to prosper.

So, make an appointment with God today!

From the Aug. 23-29, 2006, issue

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