From Here on After rock DeKalb’s The House Feb. 17

StoryImage( ‘/Images/Story//Auto-img-117149973829154.jpg’, ‘Photo courtesy of‘, ‘From Here on After is (from left to right) Matt Kramer (drums), Josh Peter (vocals/guitar), Colin Godsey (bass/vocals), and Evan Thorne (guitar/vocals).‘);

From Here on After (FHOA) is a Chicago-area four-piece that spends a lot of time in the Rock River Valley seeking a place in the hearts of local listeners. They blend elements of rock, punk and pop, creating songs that sound familiar, yet feel new.

After a successful stop at The Rock Box in Rockford a few weeks ago, FHOA is set to take the stage this weekend at The House Café in DeKalb. Guitarist Evan Thorne checked in via e-mail in hopes of rallying support for their headlining show.

Jonathan Hicks, The Rock River Times (TRRT): You play rock music. Lots of bands play rock music. Why is your band special?

Evan Thorne, From Here on After (FHOA): Lots of bands play rock music, but we’re not worried about fitting into a particular pigeonhole. We have an extremely wide range of influences, stuff ranging all the way from Refused to James Taylor to Andrew W.K. to Death Cab For Cutie. So a lot of times, we’ll have a really straightforward pop song going, and then someone will bring in an idea that just messes things up a little. We’ll throw something in that makes it sound kind of awkward, and that’s the way we like it.

We’re a pretty ridiculous bunch of people, and I think that helps people connect with what we do. We have some songs that are very personal lyrically, and then we have a song about a huge tiger in a boat.

TRRT: How has the Chicago music scene impacted your band?

FHOA: I think it’s really hard to be a band in the Chicago area right now, because everyone’s expectations are so high. Everyone wants you to be the next The Academy Is… or Fall Out Boy. And it’s really frustrating when venues and promoters get angry at bands if their draw isn’t great for whatever reason. I think that’s why the DeKalb scene is so welcoming, because it’s the complete opposite of that. Everyone is really just in it for the music, to put on shows and have a good time. And every local scene should be like that—bands at this stage need cooperation, not competition.

TRRT: Your EP is called Stranger Danger. Where can I buy it?

FHOA: Right now, it is available at shows or through mail order directly through the band. But soon it will be available on iTunes and, once we get all of that set up.

TRRT: The CD release show for Stranger Danger took place in October in DeKalb. Are you excited to return to The House Café this weekend?

FHOA: The House Café is our favorite place in the world. We never get tired of playing there. The atmosphere is great, and the shows are always really fun.

Tickets to see From Here on After at the House Café in DeKalb Saturday, Feb. 17, are on sale for $6 and will also be available at the door. For more information or to listen to songs from FHOA’s debut EP, Stranger Danger, visit or the Feb. 14-20, 2007, issue

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