Fusion of Art @ The Artery

Fusion of Art @ The Artery

By By Mary Harriet

Before any fusion, a specific moment occurs, the briefest of moments, when all elements hover in suspended expectation awaiting their final melding. Still diverse and unique, these elements, whether they are musical, genealogical or color, once fused, will never be the same. During Fusion of Art @ The Artery, the artists will try to capture the specific moment in art before final fusion, and extend that moment for an evening.

Get ready for a memorable night of music, art, and dance as some of Rockford’s best unknown artists come out of hiding. The concept was born at Rock Valley College when a student observed the art work in the library for the juried high school exhibit. Fusion of Art is the answer to the question: Why aren’t Rockford’s best artists more involved with local shows? Thus, the premiere of Rainbowassedfool Productions presents Fusion of Art @ The Artery, 8: 30 p.m., Saturday, July 13, to display the real Rockford, real art and real music.

Rainbowassedfool Productions is an independent company of three art enthusiasts who basically want to make art happen. Directors Molly Fleming and Ariel Choinard, working with Conceptual Events Coordinator Devin Henry, are proud to make Fusion of Art their premiere production. Although difficult to reach, all three members are ready to promote, coordinate and arrange independent shows of music and art.

Visual art lineup

Proudly featured will be the photographic works of Snuffy Grey, Jon Bystrom, and Brett Johnson. Ranging from abstract to realism, all three artists have a unique style unlike any contemporary photographers.

Bystrom will be showing a few pieces from his missionary service in Argentina, plus work from a human rights trip at the end of the civil war in El Salvador, expressing his appreciation of beauty in the middle of political chaos and war.

Devin Henry, a multi-media artist, will exhibit five pieces of expressive works for the show. His color choice and content is remarkable, and no one knows quite yet what his works entail, but the surprise will surely be worth the wait.

Evan Thomas will be presenting eight sculptures. Thomas works with metals and clay to create pieces of shocking clarity and form. His work has been in shows at the Rockford Art Museum. The production company for the show is fortunate to have captured this artist before he rises too high in the artistic world.

Ariel Choinard, local art aficionado, adds her acrylic and pastel design work to the evening. Abstract, and a little disturbing at times, her color choices describe her character: reasonable for the most part, with passionate fires creeping out. A piece of her sculpture work will be added to a designed stand by Fleming to create the proper fusion between artists and their work.

Dance available

A special performance by members of the Flying Pelvises Dance Troupe will accent the evening’s music. Joey Clayson and Jessica Melville will express themselves to the sounds of traditional acoustic folk. Improvisational dance is a medium in which all people can relate, understand, and engage.

New music

Doug Fleming and Matt Ulery will premiere original compositions of folk/blues. Ulery is known for his work on the standup/electric/acoustic bass with various local jazz and improvisational groups in Rockford and Chicago.

Fleming, a prolific guitar player, takes most of his songwriting inspiration from life experiences and his travels. Both Ulery and Fleming have been playing around the Rockford area for many years.

Beginning with a poetic reading to introduce the cast, there will be many special surprises for this one-night show (the exhibit will be up for a week before the event), and the biggest one is that the show is FREE! Donations are accepted and encouraged.

The Artery is located at 514, E. State St., across the street from the Irish Rose. For more information, you can contact Izzy at The Artery, 961-1113, or Molly of Rainbowassedfool Productions, 399-2375 (after 5:30 p.m.).

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