GeesePeace asks for addling permit

GeesePeace asks for addling permit

By Shellie Berg

By Shellie Berg

Staff Reporter

GeesePeace of Rock River Valley asked for approval of a $25 permit from the Winnebago County Forest Preserve District Executive Committee Thursday to addle Canada goose eggs and appease irked residents.

The forest preserve’s board of commissioners still must approve the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service permit. The single, annual permit, along with another the Park District must obtain, won’t force people to get a $25 permit each time they want to addle on different properties.

The committee voted in favor of the permit, but hunter and member Bud Wilkins (R-3) cast the sole vote against it. “I just can’t support anything like this,” he said. “I don’t see the sense in it.”

Nevertheless, Jan Herbert, project manager for GeesePeace of Rock River Valley, stated residents are frustrated with the “goose poop.” Herbert said that research has indicated that one goose excretes two pounds per day.

Herbert stated that 11 species of Canada geese persist throughout the Rock River Valley. They dwell in areas where humans live, because they love water and mowed grass. “We say, ‘come on in,’” Herbert remarked.

Both migratory and resident geese live here. She noted that resident geese are a result of repopulation by man. Many live on the Atlantic and Mississippi flyways.

The volunteers would addle their eggs in the Rock River corridor from the Sportscore to Blackhawk Farms. Addling entails determining fetuses and shaking or oiling eggs to destroy them.

Herbert said these methods work the best. “We wouldn’t be doing this if this is not a known or proven method. We’d like to do this in the most humane way possible.”

After the Park District attempts to solve the problem in the Rock River corridor, the district wants to move into other parts of the Rock River Valley. Rock Valley College, for instance, sustains a large number of Canada geese and wants to take care of the nuisance.

“Eventually, they’re not going to be just hanging around the Rock River corridor,” Herbert said. “They’re going to be everywhere.”

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