George W. Bush accomplishments


No Child Left Behind Act. Illinois school board is seeking major reform of the law.


Medicare premiums up 17.4 percent next year, increase attributed to Bush legislation. Medicare will be unable to pay its bills as of 2019.

Economy & Jobs

2001 U.S. budget surplus: $127 billion. 2004 Budget deficit: $422 billion (that’s $422 billion less than zero).

1,200,000 jobs lost.

Tax cuts: bottom 20 percent of wage earners= $250, middle 20 percent = $1,090, top 1 percent = $78,460. Tax cuts have shifted federal tax payments from the richest Americans to middle-class families.

New overtime rules threatening pay of 6 million workers.

Americans living in poverty increased by 1.3 million last year. Currently, 17.6 percent of American children live below the poverty level (less than $18,810/year for a family of four).


9/11 occurs: 3,962 lives lost.

Assault weapons ban lapsed. Semiautomatic assault weapons now sold legally. Gov. Blagojevich called for a state-level ban on assault weapons.

Civil Liberties

USA Patriot Act. Cities revolt against the Act. Resolutions passed in 356 communities (42 states) including four statewide resolutions.

Allowing mega-media corporations to own radio/tv/newpaper dominating a market, letting a few giant media companies to control what the public sees, hears and reads.

Required signing an ‘oath of loyalty’ before receiving tickets to republican rally.


Sought advice from the oil, gas, coal and nuclear energy industries, used their recommendations, often word for word, in the energy plan.

EPA dropped 62 environmental standards aimed at protecting public health. Clear Skies Initiative, overrides the Clean Air Act, allows emissions of far greater quantities of pollution. Court blocks Act.

Bush suppressed an EPA finding that mercury was poisoning millions of Americans—especially children.

Senior EPA officials resign in protest of Bush’s policies.

White House Could Shut Out Public from Environmental Review Process.


Began without United Nations (the world) approval. U.N. calls the U.S.-led Iraq invasion “illegal.”

No exit strategy.

Reasons for war: Weapons of Mass Destruction (found=0), and capture/killing Osama bin Laden (neither occurred).

Torture at Abu Ghraib, high-level U.S. officials held accountable=0.

The Pentagon reported 1,152 dead and 7,500 wounded in Iraq plus 10,000 innocent Iraqi civilians killed. Nearly 20,245 medically evacuated from Iraq/Afghanistan are absent from Pentagon casualty reports.

Current bills in House (HR163) and Senate (SN89) would mandate reinstatement of the draft for 18 -26-year-olds.

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Jill Fredericks is a resident of Chadwick, Ill.

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