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In 1969, Congress declared a “War on Cancer.” A full-page ad ran in The New York Times. Now the year is 2004, and here are the facts:

u Every half-hour, 30 people die of cancer in America;

u Every day, 1,400 people die of cancer in America;

u Every week, 10,000 people die of cancer in America; and

u Every year, 500,000 people die of cancer in America.

Thank goodness, there is a “war on cancer.”

Within one week at my office, I had six women and one gentleman call about alternative ways for treating cancer. All of them had the same story. All six women found lumps on their breasts, and the mammogram did not pick it up. With the gentleman, his PSA number was going up, and his doctor told him not to worry, that they will keep an eye on it. What is really sad is that there is a family history of cancer with every one of these seven people.

I hope that you never have to sit in the chair that I and many other people have had to sit in. You just receive a bad mammogram report. You are then told to go to the hospital for another mammogram (a super mammogram), then an ultrasound, then a biopsy.

Now you are waiting, and you are sitting in that chair. Unless you have sat in that chair, you have no idea what goes on. My husband and I were told that if I did not do chemotherapy, I would not see my son graduate. Did I want to take this chance? My son graduated. I was informed by the doctor that there was a 50 percent chance that they did not get all the cancer with the surgery and that I had to do chemo. But by doing chemo, there was only a 50 percent chance that the chemo would work.

I remember my husband asking the oncologist that after the chemotherapy treatments, then would I be cured of cancer? He laughed and told John that this was only a 50 percent guarantee. He then looked at me and asked me if I wanted to risk taking that 50 percent chance. I chose to risk it. It is funny how the universe comes full circle. Seventeen years ago, my mother was sitting in that same chair with that same oncologist and was told that same story—the 50/50 chance story. My mother believed the story. Nine months to the day after that, we buried her. The oncologist did not remember my mother, but I remember him.

Now I ask you to jump out of your box and come into my world. As Dr. Lorraine Day says, “If you are healthy, would you go to the hospital and get a dose of chemotherapy?” Why would you ever have this done when you are ill? There are wonderful ways of rebuilding your body. The frequency machine is one that I truly believe in. I invested in one after my breast cancer surgery. The whole idea of a frequency machine is that every disease carries a frequency. Match the disease with the frequency, and the disease is gone. Colon hydrotherapy is a must. All disease starts in the colon. When you cannot absorb and digest nutrients, then you cannot remove toxins from your body, we now have bowel problems.

Colon hydrotherapy cleanses the colon naturally with water and removes old fecal matter, undigested foods, parasites, yeast and mucus. Natural blood purifiers are another means to rebuild your body. Your blood is your lifeline. We at the Inn do live blood analysis. You can see the quality of your health through your blood. Oh, there are so many natural ways of rebuilding. Do not let fear drive you to do something. It takes many years for a disease to happen. Always listen to your body, for your body does not lie.

Editor’s Note: The American Cancer Society quotes the following statistics: Every half-hour, 33 people die from cancer in the U.S.; every day, about 1,500 people die; every week, nearly 11,000 people die; and every year, more than 550,000 people die from cancer. In 2004, approximately 563,700 people will die from cancer.

Dr. Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz is a Naturopathic Doctor and a Colon Hydrotherapist. You can hear Dr. Julia on WROK the last Friday of the month at 10:30 a.m. You may reach Dr. Julia in her Rockford office at 962-3326, Web page or e-mail her at

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