Give your lawn a little ‘mow’ love this summer

Give your lawn a little ‘mow’ love this summer


With days of sunshine and high temperatures running back to back during the summer months, our lawns take a beating.

“Grass usually goes into a semi-dormant state in the summer because it gets so hot and dry,” said Dave Swanson, an assistant store manager for Home Depot. “Then, when you throw traffic from kids and outdoor parties into the equation, you get a stressed lawn that needs special summer maintenance.

Help your lawn survive the summer with the following recommendations:

l Mowing, Mowing, Mowing. Mowing can be traumatic to a lawn because it cuts moisture to the roots and takes more energy to heal. Mow less frequently in the summer because grass doesn’t grow as quickly. Also, set your lawnmower at 2 1/2 to 3 inches to keep turf higher and healthier.

l Watering hole. Grass goes through a normal preparation for drought, so water may not be necessary and can limit resistance to heat in the future. “If you do need to water your lawn and foliage, do it in the morning when it’s cooler,” Swanson says. “Avoid overwatering by placing a cup in your yard when using the sprinkler. You know you’ve given your lawn enough when the cup has an inch of water in it.”

l Weed watching. Avoid using weed control products during the summer because the heat makes them less effective. Fertilization forces growth and takes energy reserves away from roots that are already under a lot of strain. If you do fertilize, use a product designed specifically for summer, such as Scott’s Turf Builder with Summer Guard.

l Let nature take its course. Grass is resilient and will try to protect itself from heat, insects and disease. Use good lawn care practices year round, and if you run into a major problem, make repairs late in the summer or fall.

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