Green News: Are you shipping any packages this year?

For everything you do, there’s a green choice that’s good for you AND the environment. Here, you’ll find information about how people, companies and organizations are embracing “GREEN TECHNOLOGY” and discovering environmentally responsible alternatives to older technology.

We suggest trying to do it the “green way.” Now that your gifts are all wrapped using the natural materials we mentioned in an earlier article, let’s think about getting them shipped to their destinations in a “green way.” Some things to consider:

Use those old plastic shopping bags or shredded (or wadded up) newspaper to pack around the breakables (or use up those sheets of bubble wrap you just haven’t been able to get rid of!). That’s REUSING, which is even better than recycling! Choose just the right-sized box for the packages (the lighter the package, the less for you to pay in shipping charges).

If you plan to use a pack and ship business, ask them for recycled bubble wrap, recycled paper boxes and cornstarch peanuts! And, of course (everybody says this), ship early!!! This isn’t just so the package gets there on time, but if you ship early … the shippers will use ground transportation. This will make significantly less impact on the environment than air shipping.

After you’ve opened the packages you received, go to your computer and visit At this site you can put in your zip code to locate places to recycle the materials that the gifts you received arrived in.

Make it a “green holiday” any way you can. It’s good for our children’s earth.

From the Dec. 6 – Dec. 12, 2006, issue

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