‘Green’ News: Choices

For everything you do, there’s a green choice that’s good for you and the environment. Here, you’ll find information about how people, companies and organizations are embracing “Green Technology” and discovering environmentally responsible alternatives to older technology.

We don’t care who jumps on the green eco-bandwagon, as long as they do. According to The Weekly Grist (Grist magazine’s beacon in the smog with top environmental news from around the globe) :“Wal-Mart is considering selling E85, an ethanol/gasoline blend, at the gas stations it owns and operates. Chevron is eyeing the biofuels biz, too; last week, it announced a new business unit that will focus on ethanol and biodiesel.” If those companies add the fuel, it will make it easier for more folks to purchase.

In 2004, Rockford Park District added Policy 6.0 to their Environmental Policy stating they would “strive to discover and introduce the potential environmental impact of green technology on existing and future facilities and in purchasing and bidding practices.” It didn’t take very long. In 2005, three vehicles purchased for Park District use were Flexible Fuel Vehicles (E-85). The FFV system is standard equipment, carrying the same warranties as other models, and is offered at no extra cost by all automobile manufacturers. One tank in the Park District system was switched over for the three vehicles as well as other maintenance equipment in the District with Boncosky Oil working with the District to supply the fuel. This is the first step in the renewable fuels program at the Rockford Park District. At home, check your lawn mower to see if it can burn alternative fuels, every little bit counts! If you want to look at the big picture, funding may be available through a grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation to DCEO to establish new E85 facilities at retail gasoline outlets in Illinois.

By the way, there are currently approximately 100,000 of those FFV’s (flexible fuel vehicles) in Illinois! A complete list of models is available at www.E85Fuel.com.

Ready to really step up to the plate? Help fund clean energy projects and assuage your guilt at not owning an E-85 vehicle yet! http://www.terrapass.com/projects.html.

From the June 14-20, 2006, issue

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