Guest Colomn: A medical model we don’t need

Guest Colomn: A medical model we don’t need

By Gregory John Campbell

“… I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked, nor suggest any such counsel … I will use treatment to help the sick according to my ability and judgment but never with a view of injury or wrong doing … I will keep pure and holy my life and my art.”

With the advent of “voluntary” smallpox vaccinations, citizens who choose not to do so will be penalized as pariahs to the system, just as the Jews were to the Nazis, for their independence of thought and freedom, and will be pressured by the culture to conform1. This will mark them as biological hazards or risks by default, and not by commission—a presumption of guilt—which will mark a first for human and biological history; for the absence of something in their bodies, rather than its presence, will define them as a risk. Only the ill will be “free.”

What a macabre way to garner our health and freedom, that men should be ostracized for the fact that they are not infectious, rather than they are!

What a perfect mechanism to highlight, or stigmatize, those of true independent thought, so as to make them targets of those who detest such and of those who don’t know the difference. What an excellent way to eliminate them through actual outbreaks or from ones “staged” to look so. And what an ideal means for conditions to emerge years or decades later, so as to cull and thin the population, without apparent cause or meaning. What a Brave New World modality.

1984 IS HERE, as the government now seeks to enter the last domain of free independence—our bodies. If we allow such government to do so, they have already captured our minds.

I have always predicted the medical system would pave the way to 1984, as the best of intentions, and I am correct in this assumption. For as the Nazi medical doctors first learned the psychology of genocide, to facilitate their expertise, so will the practitioners of Homeland Security do so to their neighbors and friends. Quietly at first, so as not to make a fuss, but then full tilt so as to conform all to the structure of their security within the [not our] homeland. What a safe ward.

Diligently, these medicine men will go about their tasks, inoculating their fellow man against hypothetical hazards and risks, not real ones, but most importantly from their own freedom, denying them the necessary choice [right] to be so, de facto, which is the basis of freedom. “Just ‘good’ doctors following orders.”

We will have no choice before such a system, and where there is no choice, there is no freedom, because freedom cannot exist without choice.

Thus, the letter of the Law, M.D. or JD, will take the reality of our freedom from us politically and biologically. What fine medical management—not care!

This is a medical model we don’t need, and certainly not fashioned from our freedom. Dam the physician who will place his or her practice before the Practice of Our Freedom! When did drugs ever become essential to our health or freedom? To imply such suggests that they were never ours, but another’s!

Friends, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” for our medical and political freedom. Stop the cure from killing the patience of our Freedom.

For what one man or woman has imagined, another has done, or will do!

Now is the time, in this nation, for all true patriots to stand in opposition to all the insurance benefits a “secure” homeland could bring, to those that are false ones.

There is perfect “security” and diversity in a prison, but no potential for individuality to express itself as individual freedom of choice. For where there is no individuality, there is no Freedom.

How clean and sterile is the entrance to our cells. How antiseptic is their misappropriation, and how comforting to be so well fed, treated and cured, but never free! How hygienic that freedom itself should be pathological!

It’d be better that our lives be taken from the “small” pox of a virus, than by the LARGER pox of a system much more destructive. Both would be unpleasant. The former, however, would only take our lives, while the latter seeks our “way of life.” There may be an effective vaccine for the smaller injustice, but there is no cure for the LARGER crime.

I call on all practitioners, of whatever field, to stand the ground of freedom and prevent this slippery sliding freefall into tyranny. You men and women of medicine can stop this madness now! You can bring the banner of your profession, the staff of Aesculapius to its full height, if you will “first do no harm” to our medical and individual freedom. Leave the future of our medical and personal freedom a singular entwining of purpose, and not doubled to serve another. Be the Hippocrates of our health and freedom.

You know the risks of this vaccine have not been presented to the public. You know this is the most powerful smallpox vaccine ever produced, and that paralysis and pox can be its dangerous side effects. Your stand now can free our nation from the irrational fear that grips us, prompted by those “secured” within a false concept of liberty. Only a prison can offer perfect security.

Health, like Freedom, is an opportunity; it is a choice; it is not a guarantee!

Friends, freedom is not free! Do not rush our health or freedom with a prescription that cannot be changed once ingested. There is no potion for that which is poisonous to the health of our freedom. An antidote cannot be found in a bottle. There is no pharmacy that can compound freedom.

Be not the robot of medical precision, to kill the body of Freedom with the scalpel of your treatment upon our sacred being. Let us remain whole in body and mind. Keep Liberty from iatrogenic illness. Treat—do not defeat us.

No medicine can cure fear.

Do not specialize us into tyranny!

Let the physician heal, not steal, our sacred freedom from us.

“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship… The Constitution of this republic should make special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom2.” Which has come about?

Health not ours and completely free, is death prematurely.

Choose What You Want To Be (C) 2002 All Rights Reserved, Gregory John Campbell.

Footnote 1 – As in a petri dish.

Footnote 2 – Benjamin Rush, Alternative Medicine, The Definitive Guide, compiled by The Burton Goldberg Group, James Strohecker, executive director, Future Medicine Publishing, Inc., 1994, pg. 17 [my emphasis].

Gregory J. Campbell is a local resident who is writing a book on freedom. He is a long-time natural health care provider.

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