Guest Column: Amnesty for Americans—not American Amnesty

“Let the people think they govern, and they will be governed.”—William Penn, 1693

Congress should seal our southern border with a deployment of National Guard troops until a permanent barrier can be erected; enforce existing laws penalizing employers who hire illegal aliens; and speed the naturalization process for legal aliens and enroll illegal aliens in a mandatory Citizen ID Program establishing English competence and American citizenship within a specific time, Congress should not allow a laissez-faire policy of general amnesty with endless worker permits or visas to persist.

This program should fund itself by the illegal aliens on a quarterly investment basis, to establish that: 1) they are committed to becoming citizens and not remain temporary workers; 2) that the U.S. is committed to them becoming citizens to gain their rights and benefits (otherwise the U.S. isn’t, is it?); 3) confirm they’re being paid adequately or not, in which case they’re being exploited, and their employers should pay for their citizenship, if these workers are “indispensable” as they claim (all Americans are indispensable); 4) reward legal entry; 5) prevent racial war or polarization; and 6) inform Mexico it must develop its own infrastructure and not rely on U.S. income. Additionally, in Hispanic circles, it is felt Mexico is re-conquering the U.S. (reconquista) without “firing a shot.” It goes without saying that the 109th Congress will allow this fragmentation of our Western heritage, identity and unity—the rule of Moral Law—not the plurality of politics, race or culture to occur without a shot, also. Consequently, the American people will be betrayed once more by both parties for their perennial career employment, delaying the public’s service.

What America needs is “Amnesty for Americans–not American Amnesty,” not only in terms of our failed immigration policies, but also in terms of the failure of the 109th Congress to preserve our way of life,

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