Guest Column: Beloit casino not wanted

I cannot stay silent any longer. The proponents of a casino complex in the stateline area must be stopped from “pushing their agenda” on our community. I believe our Beloit City Manager Larry Arft, South Beloit Mayor Randy Kirichkow, U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin, Executive Assistant of the Department of Administration Sean Dilweg, and Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle, just to name a few, MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE to the taxpayers and citizens of our community. By proposing a tribal gaming facility, they are not only proposing an industry that will do harm to families and individuals of our community, but they are spending thousands and millions of tax dollars without any accountability to the people who pay their salaries. I am asking and expecting that our “PUBLIC SERVANTS” issue regular reports to the media and the citizens as to their time and materials being spent on the casino project.

If you are an employee of any company in the stateline area, no matter what the industry, you have certain rules to follow as to the projects you work on and the money you spend. Even the presidents of corporations must be accountable to their boards of directors. Our City Manager Arft, Mayor Kirichkow and Representative Tammy Baldwin are PUBLIC SERVANTS. They should be more concerned about the welfare of our community and our families than about chasing some pipe dream. They should be spending their time on bringing legitimate industries into the stateline area. I’m certain that with proper leadership this community can attract factories and corporations to settle here rather than somewhere else. I’m sure that with proper leadership and incentives, we can prevent any more factories and corporations from leaving our area or closing down, leaving our wonderful workforce without any work.

I encourage every citizen to hold their city manager, mayor and representatives accountable by calling them regularly. The Beloit City Manager can be reached at (608) 364-6614. The South Beloit Mayor can be reached at (815) 389-3023 or (815) 703-7258 and Rep. Tammy Baldwin can be reached at (608) 362-2800, (608) 258-9800 or (202) 225-2906. Remember, you have a voice, but you have to make it heard.

Dave Fogderud is founding pastor of The Overflowing Cup Total Life Center at 306 State St. in Beloit, Wis.

From the April 13-19, 2005, issue

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