Guest Column: Breast cancer cover-up by Cancer Society

Every October the fashion color is pink: pink sneakers, T-shirts, slacks and pink ribbons as millions of supporters participate in events for the 21st annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Hundreds of corporations have joined the awareness bandwagon. O, The Oprah Magazine, included 14 pages of ads, urging everyone to donate to breast cancer research foundations and wear a pink ribbon, as science seeks a cure.

The American Cancer Society posted the statistics: This year, 40,000 American women will die of breast cancer disease, and 200,000 women will be told by their physicians that they have breast cancer. Who can blame women for being highly motivated to find a cure for this dreaded disease?

But the real question we should ask is, how can we find the cure if we won’t acknowledge the cause?

Twenty-eight international studies, starting in 1957 on post-abortive Japanese women, have confirmed that elective abortions raise the risk of breast cancer disease. See As of 2003, 18 out of 21 studies show that women who take oral contraceptives prior to their first-term birth incur an increased risk in developing breast cancer as documented by the Polycarp Research Institute, The World Health Organization recognizes that combined oral contraceptives are carcinogenic to humans.

Why aren’t women being told? Why the 48-year ABC link cover-up? Why are women being held as hostages by the abortion industry and drug companies who profit by using their bodies as laboratories for a vast population control experiment under the facade of “reproductive choice”?

All over the nation, women are talking, walking and rallying for a cure. Instead of pink, they should be wearing black and be in mourning over the trauma and deaths that have been caused by a politically and financially motivated cover-up.

Wear a black ribbon for a national disgrace!

Arlene Sawicki is a resident of South Barrington, Ill.

From the Dec. 21-27, 2005, issue

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