Guest Column: County Special Use Permits for Planned Community Developments

Editor’s note: July 25, Winnebago County Board Chairman Scott Christiansen held a meeting at the Rockton Township Offices.

The County Board Chairman held a press conference at the Township Offices as damage control over the institution of the Special Use Permit for Planned Community Developments. At the meeting, he presented a new resolution to be voted on at the September County Board Meeting. Changes listed in the provided handout copy basically say that these developments must occur within a mile and a half from an incorporated municipality. They are to be no less than 30 acres and be of multiple zoning categories.

Mr. Christiansen insisted that the PCDs have sewer and water, but nowhere in the resolution is this stated.

The major cause of the irritation to local residents is that they do not have objector status now, and the new resolution still does not provide this provision.

The provision in the resolution that states the parcel to be considered must be 30 acres or more needs changing. If a 30-acre minimum is allowed and multiple zoning categories are required, this will lead to 15 to 20 homes, a strip mall and a park bench. We don’t want that kind of development.

Lists of campaign contributions to Illinois politicians are readily available and indicate that developers spend huge amounts of money to ensure they get favorable treatment from the County Board, the Director of Illinois EPA, Attorney General’s offices, the County Sheriff, state senators and representatives and local assessors.

The size of the County Board is at issue. Since the County Board chooses to represent the developers, why not cut the size in half, save taxpayer money, and assist us in removing those who don’t represent the will of the people?

From the Aug. 2-8, 2006, issue

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