Guest Column: David MacKay for Winnebago County Board

Guest Column: David MacKay for Winnebago County Board

By Sharon Schuldt

If David MacKay’s name is on your ballot for County Board, he’s the ONE candidate for whom you should vote, that is, if you want representation returned to you in District 13. It certainly wasn’t your voice that was considered recently when District 13 incumbents, Jim Peterson and Rick Pollack, voted to buy right of way for extending Perryville Road farther north. Both Peterson and Pollack apparently voted for the interests of a select few, and these rascals should not be invited back by your mark on the ballot.

How many north/south highways do we need in that part of the county? Where’s the money coming from? David MacKay will do his duty to prevent such mischief and represent YOU, giving attention to other roads in dire need of care and intersections with safety concerns. He supports selling land the county has already acquired for the extension and returning those funds to the motor fuel fund for other needed road projects.

Whether it is our roads, public safety issues or needless spending in the county budget, you can count on David MacKay to wisely represent you and help restore your confidence in county government. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. Be sure you make it happen and vote for David MacKay in November.

There are county board incumbents that have stood up for you by opposing unnecessary spending, particularly, the nonsense of extending Perryville Road north. They understand what has been entrusted to them and what their duties and limitations are in governing us. They are: Larry Bauer, Polly Berg, Charles Hollerith, Gary Jury, Peter MacKay and Glenn Wilkins. These board members faithfully and eloquently represented you on the Perryville Road matter. Two others who would have properly represented you on Perryville, but were absent, are Bob Kinnison and John Sweeney. These are to be commended and supported for re-election.

If you have had enough and want good leadership and representation, get out and vote carefully. We just may have a new board who will spend our money properly, get our budget back in order, improve our public safety concerns, get our roads in repair, and above all, tell special interests to take a hike!

Sharon Schuldt is a local resident.

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