Guest Column: Did George W. Bush lie?

George W. Bush lied—people died! The President’s many critics continually proclaim that no weapons of mass destruction (WMD) were found; therefore, Iraqi War II was a hoax, an act of pure stupidity and a crime against humanity intended to benefit Bush oil interests.

There are politics—and there are facts. Bush’s critics seem not to know, or conveniently have forgotten, that massive evidence indicated strongly that Saddam Hussein had been pursuing WMD.

This evidence is available in the final report of the Iraqi Survey Group (ISG), which had been mandated to report about the war. The ISG criticized many Bush decisions, but also recognized numerous significant factors legitimately influencing the president, although you’d never know it from mainline media coverage.

According to the report, the al-Hakam chemical plant produced 10 tons of toxic material labeled as “biopesticides” each year. But the chemicals had been proven ineffective against insects. The stuff happened to be the basis for anthrax. According to the ISG report, Saddam could have restarted anthrax production in an estimated one week after sanctions were lifted. Inhaled anthrax kills 100 percent of untreated victims. Scatter a few pounds around Rockford—murder lots of infidels.

Saddam’s Samarra Drug Industries was producing the essential ingredients for smallpox under other names. A thimbleful could kill tens of millions.

Dr. Rihab a/k/a “Dr. Germ” headed Iraq’s biological warfare program. A 1999 U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency report considered her the most dangerous woman in the world. Dissident Iraqis accused her of testing biochemicals on political prisoners because she didn’t trust animal experiments.

In 1995, U.N. inspectors confronted Dr. Germ with evidence of her nefarious activities. She admitted producing 19,000 liters of botulism toxin; 8,000 liters of anthrax; 2,000 liters of cancerous aflatoxins, plus significant quantities of other deadly substances.

Husayn Kamil was chief of Iraq’s WMD production. His official title was Minister of Military Industrialization. In a 1995 speech at the Space Research Center in Baghdad, he announced that WMD programs would be resumed and increased as soon as U.N. sanctions ended.

By 1997, 3,300 Iraqi university instructors were working on WMD. In 2001, Saddam increased the salaries of nuclear scientists 1,000 percent. Tariq Aziz, one of Saddam’s top ministers, said recently: “Saddam would have restarted his WMD programs, beginning with the nuclear program, after sanctions.” Aziz predicted that Saddam would have had full WMD capability two years after sanctions were removed.

Saddam also had been superfunding his ballistic missile program. One could assume he intended to deliver certain goodies to his enemies. Certainly, all Israelis would be exterminated first, which would provide tremendous satisfaction for many thoroughly modern Americans and Europeans. Next on Saddam’s hit parade probably would be Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

In 2002, production began on Saddam’s Samoud II missile, range approximately 180 miles. When the Coalition invaded, 76 had been completed but unready to launch. With those missiles and WMD, Saddam could kill many Coalition soldiers.

The international intelligence community knows that Saddam funded, armed and trained terrorists such as Hamas, although admittedly no documentary evidence linked him specifically to al-Qaeda. Curiously, Americans who see conspiracies everywhere in the USA, somehow can’t imagine any in the Middle East. Saddam and Osama both passionately hated America. Why wouldn’t they collaborate secretly to deliver anthrax and other death to the Great Satan?

After 9/11, and in view of the above, how could any American president allow Saddam to remain in power? Yet, many prominent politicians are arguing for Bush’s impeachment. Evidently, they never read the Robb-Silberman report on intelligence failures, which concluded that Bush’s assumptions had “a powerful air of common sense” and were “not unreasonable.”

Why isn’t the general public aware of the above vital facts? Apparently, (1) the Bush administration is incompetent at defending its policies, and (2) honest reporting is considered absurd by most of America’s so-called journalists.

Lenny Levinson is a former New Yorker now residing in Mt. Morris. He worries about the widening gap between political opinions and historical facts.

From the Nov.8-14, 2006, issue

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