Guest Column: Don’t be a hypocrite on the Fourth of July

This Fourth of July, don’t be a hypocrite, waving the flag if you’ve done NOTHING to help preserve the freedoms the flag STANDS for, including the free speech to burn it, if so desired! Only undemocratic countries like China, and others, don’t allow flag burning! Do we want to be in their company? How many of you out there have stood idly by and done nothing while our nation has become a corporate fascist police state? This isn’t about Democratic versus Republican but TRUE patriotic Americans defending our freedoms and liberties at home here, from tyranny and oppression, which is what we have in America today! Did you fight against the Unpatriotic Patriot Act, fight Congress and Bush, who has called our precious Constitution a “G–damn piece of paper” while they’ve shredded it?

Did you stand up and be counted when others had their rights trampled? Did you question your government, when they continuously lied to the American people or just blindly followed like sheep? If you answered NO, then you don’t deserve to celebrate on July Fourth, because it’s more than a day off work or for a picnic; it’s a celebration of our precious freedoms by good, patriotic Americans! Freedoms we are losing rapidly, my fellow Americans! Stop taking them for granted before they are gone, and help fight to save them! It’s called being a good citizen! No terrorists can destroy our nation from within, including our freedoms, ONLY people in our own government can, if we stand idly by and let them, no matter what party they’re from! Blind faith in bad leadership is NOT patriotic! Ben Franklin said, “Those who would give up liberty for a little security, deserve neither and will lose both”! Don’t let promoted, exploited fear rob us of our precious freedoms or our national heritage!

Please, for the love of America and our freedoms, put America and freedoms FIRST before ANY party or ANY politician, before we lose BOTH!! Loyalty to country, ALWAYS, loyal to our government,when it deserves it! That’s what it means to be a TRUE patriot! Then you can celebrate next July Fourth knowing you have at least tried to save America and our precious freedoms from,YES, a corporate fascist police state and helped stop the New World Order! It’s high time we called it what it is!

Sue West is a resident of Loves Park.

From the June 28-July 4, 2006, issue

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