Guest Column: Don’t blame the Republicans

Guest Column: Don’t blame the Republicans

By Steven R. Young

I just finished reading Joe Baker’s typical liberal Viewpoint by calling Mr. Bush’s announcement of new and tougher policies on crooked corporate execs. Joe uses the phrase “Bush and his cohorts” as if the Republicans are the crooks and the Democrats are the little guys. First of all, of the 12 wealthiest senators, nine are Democrats, led by Jon Corzine, D-New Jersey, who spent $68M on his campaign and made $400M while working at Goldman Sax and now wants to regulate the SEC and corporations. You can blame the relaxed regulations on Chris Dodd, D-Conn., who in 1995 made the changes in a bill he sponsored. Lieberman calls for Mr. Bush to disclose all the records on the Harken Oil Co. but this has been reported, searched and investigated several times and with no found wrongdoing. He did inform the SEC that he was going to sell the stock. The form that was not submitted in a timely manner was to let SEC know that the transaction was completed. Brokers and lawyers have all said that very few of these forms are submitted on time due to the intense paperwork.

Why didn’t Hillary disclose her records on her $100K commodities trade or your buddy, Terry McAuliffe, who invested $100K in Global Crossing and sold before it went bankrupt and made $18.5M? You people criticized Newt Gingrich for being offered $4M to write a book, but Hillary gets $8M, and the liberals say nothing, but you think it is necessary to reprint the Harken story for nothing more than to make Mr. Bush appear as one of the crooks. If this is what you want to do, you should write about Sen. Torricelli, Jim Wright, Trafficant, Rep. Tony Coelho, and the House banking scandal and the large donations from the unions, who steal this money from the rank and file

You reference to Mr. Bush as being a hypocrite for announcing a 10-point plan to improve the system, but you do not call the liberals hypocrites for wanting campaign reform while taking millions from the same corporations they are calling crooks. Who are the bigger crooks? Corporations create jobs, invest in R & D, contributed $6 billion to education last year, provide healthcare, or Al Gore who made $6M in one year and only contributed less than $300 to charity. What a guy. Tom Daschle has chided this young administration for being slow to act on the environment and causing the taxpayer to pay more for cleanup, but in his own state, there is a foreign mining company that would have to close down due to contamination if Daschle did not pass a bill for the U.S. taxpayer to pick up the $150M tab. But Tom’s a liberal, and things like this will not get the bad press the conservatives would get.

It would really be nice to get the full and new stories that are truthful once in a while.

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