Guest Column: Easter Days

Guest Column: Easter Days

By Dr. Robert R. Kopp

Every Sunday is Easter Day!

Indeed, the Church of Jesus Christ has always considered every Sunday to be “a little Easter” compelling us to honor Him through worship, work, and witness.

It’s been said there is more evidence for the resurrection of Jesus than the birth of George Washington!

We know Jesus rose from the dead because:

1. The Church has consistently focused on and referred to the resurrection of Jesus as the keystone of its praise and practice since A.D. 32;

2. The worship calendar shifted for Christians from the Jewish Sabbath (7th day of the week) to Sunday (1st day of the week) because Jesus rose from the dead on Sunday (see Mark 16);

3. The New Testament consists of 27 testimonies

to our Lord’s resurrection;

4. The disciples were transformed from cowards into brave-hearted Gospelers willing to face the tests of torture and martyrdom because of Jesus’ resurrection; and;

5. Jesus is alive to all who believe in Him. Or as

the old song goes, “You ask me how I know He

lives? He lives within my heart!”

Because Jesus rose from the dead, we must:

1. Worship Him regularly;

2. Work for Him according to the talents, time,

thoughts, and treasures entrusted to us by Him; and

3. Witness to His invitational, inclusive, unconditional, and eternal love.

See you Sunday!

Dr. Robert Kopp is the pastor of Bethany Presbyterian Church, Loves Park.

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