Guest Column: Fools and cripples

Thinking Americans dissenting to Mr. Bush’s illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq are accused by his supporters of “questioning or weakening America’s will,” when they are expressing America’s will. And when these same Americans want a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, his position is to state that such a timetable “would be a recipe for disaster,” when it would clearly be a recipe for the better—for Iraq and the U.S.

When Mr. McCain states that “it is a lie to suggest the president lied”; that Mr. Bush manipulated intelligence to lead us into this false war with Iraq, he is correct, because no intelligence was used in doing so, and because such is not a lie, but conspiracy and treason.

Further, when Mr. Cheney suggests it is “dishonest and reprehensible” for critics to suggest this of Mr. Bush, when many of them voted for the war and have no moral leg to stand on, because they have no alternative plan for where we are, he must think Americans are fools and cripples; for nothing could be more dishonest and reprehensible than to continue doing so, especially on terms aiding and abetting the present course of “our” nation—those of him and his boss.

This would be like asking an arsonist what we should do to hide his arson, to allow our house to be consumed by his evil plans and actions. In such a case, the clear viable and only practical plan would be to first put out the fire; second, stop the arson and arsonist, jailing him; and third, institute a better course on completely different terms—ours. To not do so, only allows him to maintain his devvious course and conditions, destroying our precious home. Any plan stopping a disaster is better than the plan that made and created it, period. Preventing it is better.

But Americans will be fools and cripples if they allow Bush & Co. to get away with this falsehood. To prevent such, we have two choices: 1) lie down and allow your false masters to control “your” nation and lives forever, or 2) contact your representatives telling them to stop Mr. Bush’s erring ways, by withholding funding of the war, establishing a time-table to withdraw our troops immediately or sequentially, demanding. Mr. Bush’s and Mr. Cheney’s impeachment for conspiracy and treason, and reminding them that you and your network of friends, i.e., “you and I,” won’t vote for them in the upcoming 2006 election if they don’t.

Mr. Manzullo has started this course; demand that he fulfill it. And Mr. Durbin and Mr. Obama, though stalwart critics of Mr. Bush, must push harder to get him and his policies out of office ASAP. But, we as citizens hold the highest office in the land, and must do more, because voting is democracy’s infant requirement; constant participation its adult necessity.

Imagine if every voter in Illinois called, faxed, e-mailed or wrote their senators and congresspersons just once a month, and told them what they wanted; told them they wanted this mercenary war to end now; told them they wanted Bush & Co. out of Washington now (Republican or Democrat); told them they wanted their jobs back now; told them they wanted their Social Security left alone now; told them they wanted their sons and daughters back from Iraq alive now; told them they weren’t going to take any excuses and told them in words they’d never forget? They’d listen; because they wouldn’t have time for anything else. We’d have their attention, not others.

Can you picture what our officials would have to do, and how much they’d have to change, when they received 100,000 letters or calls every month? Everything! Our words could be bitter or sweet, terse or long or smart or simple; it wouldn’t matter. Because they’d know the jig is up, and that “we the people” were “back in town.” They’d be concerned. They should be. For if we fail to, one thing’s clear for America’s future and our children’s: If we don’t tell Washington what to do, it won’t be our nation, it will be theirs—exactly what “they” want.

Thinking Americans must decide their nation’s future now, or others will. We can’t allow that to happen, to us, our nation or our children. Call, write, fax or e-mail them today, if you want a better tomorrow! Choose what you want to be.

© 2005 Gregory John Campbell All Rights Reserved intellectually, electronically or physically or in any form copyable, printable or transferable.

From the Nov. 30-Dec. 6, 2005, issue

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