Guest Column: Ice hockey fans and taxpayers, beware

In an article published in the Register Star Jan. 27, 2007, “Tumilowicz said, ‘Our differences are that he’s more loyal to the UHL at all costs. I’m more loyal to Rockford.”

The “He” is Mr. Drecktrah. I differ from this statement.

I take Rockford as being the fans that have supported you, “Dr. T” and their assumed faith in your integrity with your loyalty. One who has integrity and loyalty to Rockford does not get on the middle of the ice rink during an IceHog game with an elected official and make the statement that the IceHogs are not for sale and that it is your commitment to be playing in a renovated MetroCentre with the UHL IceHogs, and then do a complete about-face during a County Board meeting Jan. 11, 2007.

The about-face that you took shows your loyalty to the dollar and to those that have mega dollars and not to Rockford. I, and everybody else, should have been suspicious about your integrity considering that The State of Illinois—Department of Professional Regulation disciplined you with a fine and reprimand on May 24, 2005, for “overdiagnosing the need for treatment of three patients.” Does this show loyalty to your patients, the professionalism of your profession, and to the insurance industry that pays for these services?

I say that Mr. Drecktrah, who has not changed his position, is the one that is more committed to Rockford.

I was hoping that as elected officials and stewards of our tax dollars, you would have heeded the words of David LeFevre and Howard Cornfield when they stated that hockey is a tough industry with a high risk factor better suited for private entrepreneurs who can stand to lose money. Mr. LeFevre also stated that the best scenario would be for the Blackhawks to own their affiliate, and the Blackhawks have stated “no” to this. I wonder why? Is it because they already know what David LeFevre and Howard Cornfield have stated to be true?

There were board and City Council members who knew it was unwise for the city to own a risky sports franchise, considering the current state of greater Rockford’s infrastructure in the way they voted. They were: Mary Ann Aiello, Paul Gorski, David Krienke, Rick Pollack, John F. Sweeney and L.C. Wilson from the County and Ald. Linda McNeely, Ald. Frank Beach and Ald. Jeff Holt from the city.

The next election, I and other voters, I hope, will show their support for the elected officials who are financially wise and good stewards of the taxpayers’ money by the way they cast their vote and to volunteer for them during their campaigns.

Wayne Dykstra is a season ticketholder for the Rockford IceHogs and a concerned taxpayer.

From the Feb. 7-13, 2007, issue

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