Guest Column: Illegals in Rockford now registering for entitlements

Matricula consular cards were issued by the Mexican Consulate at the Montague Branch of the Rockford Public Library. Four hundred applicants per day were expected. They need this ID to become eligible for public assistance and other social services. Only those who are illegal need this card. If they had entered this country legally, they would already have valid identification. WE ARE PAYING FOR IT!

The Illinois Minuteman Project will NOT be picketing and protesting at the Montague Library. We are getting our message out through a grassroots effort and will not use the same tactic as the thousands of illegals who have been protesting proposed legislation. Under the U.S. Constitution, they don’t have ANY right to protest, yet some politicians support them. The CITIZENS of the USA have First Amendment rights to peaceably assemble and petition THEIR GOVERNMENT for redress of grievances. Any citizens who wish to protest at the Montague Library certainly have every right to do so, but illegals have no right to make any demands on our government.

U.S. Rep. Don Manzullo’s office (815-394-1231) has been notified that local police should bring in federal agents, deputize our law enforcement, and deport any illegals. It would be the first time it’s ever been done, and since Rockford is not designated as a “Sanctuary City,” Manzullo should take action and demand that the laws are enforced here to set an example for the rest of the nation. He has made no commitment to do this, but your calls could help.

The national hotline to report suspected illegal immigration (866-347-2423) will put you on hold for a long time; then, if you do get through, they will ask you for overly specific information like “company manager’s name.” By the time they can mobilize any agents, the illegals will be long gone. We should be able to get an immediate response from our local law enforcement.

Congress should pass a resolution enabling the states, and the states should pass resolutions ordering county and municipal law enforcement to investigate citizens’ complaints about suspected illegal immigrants. Dave Winters and Judy Baar-Topinka both claim “their hands are tied” by the feds. Now is the time to untie them.

The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department and Rockford Police both claim they only call the nearest immigration agent (from Chicago or Madison) if they turn up an illegal in the course of a big drug bust. They should enforce immigration laws all the time and not make excuses about jurisdiction. Call CRIMESTOPPERS, 963-7867, with complaints about illegal immigrants.

The Illinois Minuteman Project was denied the use of Memorial Hall for a meeting. We need the support of local citizens to direct our County Board to change the language in the guidelines for renting that auditorium. The words “non-political” should be replaced with “non-partisan and not endorsing candidates. Town Hall Meetings on any issue may be held.” Please contact your County Board members and ask them to support this change in the guidelines for the use of Memorial Hall. You can also call Chairman Scott Christiansen at 987-2590.

The U.S. Senate has diluted the bill that was passed by the House. One provision will NOT make any U.S. citizen who aids illegal immigrants into a felon. We still need to have employers prosecuted and fined for employing illegals. The present fine is $10,000/illegal/day, but there were only three such prosecutions last year! Tell your senator that you are against any guest worker or amnesty program, and tell them you want an “enabling resolution” so all levels of law enforcement can initiate investigations of illegals.

Mexican President Vincente Fox has stated publicly that the Mexican nationals in the USA are not bound by our laws, and if we enforce any of our laws on them, it’s a violation of human rights!

We cannot find a solution for this problem by making the system more fair for some than for others. Thousands are waiting to enter our country legally. WE MUST ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS to stop the flood of illegals across our borders.

E.J. Pagel is media secretary for the Rockford Area Libertarians.

From the April 12-18, 2006, issue

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