Guest Column: It is time to attack Iraq

Guest Column: It is time to attack Iraq

By C. Griffen

Saddam’s strategy in the conflict has succeeded beyond his best expectations. The U.N. is in crisis, next to useless as a world organization, and he has managed to cause strife with two major world powers’ leadership. This was his plan before Gulf War I, and by sticking with his policies of don’t admit anything, and feed the U.N. just enough to sway opinion his way over the U.S. and Britain. Now it looks like we may be fighting without Britain’s assistance as well, all because of a dictator who refuses to abide by a cease-fire agreement of the last war and the U.N. has proven that it can’t get its head out of its ass long enough to settle any foreign policy problems.

We need to disband the U.N. from the American shores, send it back to France and let them fund the U.N. for a few decades. We also need to boycott French goods, and stop paying Russia billions of dollars in foreign aid.

I believe we ought to stop funding their space program as well. If the shuttles don’t fly, there should be no American space program to fall back on such as the Russians. As soon as the American populace rises up and decides not to pay to resolve the world’s problems without financial support or military backing in times of national defense, we may be able to afford lower taxes. We need to initiate new fuel guidelines and start using fuel cell technology to reduce our dependency on foreign energy sources.

It’s time to start initiating import duties to all countries that have not supported us in our Iraq situation. All of the Third World countries, including MEXICO, need to see how well they can rule their portion of the world when the U.S. isn’t propping their governments up with U.S. financial support.

Europe evidently cannot make a logical decision in their own defense. They feel containment is sufficient, but who is footing the bill for the containment? The U.S. is, not the U.N., not the E.U.; the U.S. is the only country that is causing Iraq to be contained. Twelve years of defending northern and southern Iraq from SH. We pay for that since the U.N. does not endorse it. And now, with 300,000 troops amassed on the borders, they feel it is OK to keep delaying the inevitable. And even our own Democratic leadership is pushing the French side of the argument for the sole purpose of trying to make Bush look bad to everyone, including other world powers.

It is time to go to war, without Europe, without Democrats support. Once this war is over, Europe and the Democrats will have egg on their faces and will have no excuse for their actions, and maybe the Republicans will be able to get even a few more people in office and get rid of the stupid liberals who don’t even have a strategy here in the U.S. All they do is bash Bush instead of coming up with a viable solution and work it out among the politicians here in the States.

What I am currently worried about is if the E.U. was seriously considering blocking the power of the U.S. There will be no better time than now to jump in this war on IRAQ’s side, and get Russia and China to attack our aircraft carriers stationed in the region. If they managed to sink all six of our major aircraft carriers in the region, the U.S. would be set back 20 years trying to rebuild our Navy and fleet. They could easily launch such an attack while we weren’t looking behind us at our ex-allies.

And if they were successful, we would have no means to secure our own nation by sea and could not use air power to defend our allies.

We should not have so many of our own carriers in the Persian Gulf area, as it actually puts us at risk if someone decides to stab us in the back.

C. Griffen is a local resident concerned about national issues.

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