Guest Column: Mayor Morrissey, could you answer my concerns?

Dear Mayor Lawrence J. Morrissey,

I just moved here to Rockford about two weeks ago, and I researched this town a little, and I was under the impression that it was a good town with a city that cares about its people.

I have found that is the opposite here, between leaving our bags at the registers in the store and then the bags are stolen by the employees when it comes time to claim them, then your local bus transportation is horrific, and now the most important fault, ignorance unheard of is your UN-maintained sidewalks.

The sidewalks are UN-walkable, handicapped and children and woman with strollers as myself with five children walking, we have to walk in the street as the City of Rockford only maintains the street. That shows and proves that the city workers do not care at all about the people, their health to stay healthy walking or their safety.

They do care about keeping the streets clean, I see that, as the tax money pours in with gas, repairs, tickets, etc.

But I guess the same goes for the pedestrians that have to resort to walking in the streets; it keeps the money rolling in for your town as it pays doctor bills and funeral expenses. I see that is all that you are about here, greed, no better than the President and the other ignorant, evil, greedy people who care nothing about the people, only what they can get and take from others.

I guess you are doing a good job if that is all what you are about, the typical evil, ignorant, greedy American, as that is what an American stands for nowadays, and you are showing great examples just like our evil, ignorant, greedy President.

By law, the people and the city are supposed to, at all times, keep the sidewalks MAINTAINED just the same or not more than the roads.

I want answers as to why you as reporters and the city do not care and are ignorant to these matters.

Editor’s note: This letter arrived at the office of The Rock River Times with the request: Maybe you could give me a response as I am waiting for the Mayor’s as you are also a part of this community here in Rockford.

From the Jan. 11-17, 2006, issue

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