Guest Column: Morrissey is a leader with vision

Tenacious, passionate, focused, creative, intelligent, humorous, positive, compassionate, dedicated to the community, hard working, allergic to cats, a Packers fan … a leader, a son, a brother, excellent driver, a teacher, a mentor, a great friend, a visionary. These are just a few personal qualities of Larry Morrissey that I admire.

I have known Larry since 1998, and I have witnessed firsthand all of the energy and toil he has dedicated to the City of Rockford.

For the past seven years, I have seen him attend hundreds of meetings. Preparing, researching, and planning for each one. Constantly fighting for people whose voices are never heard or for people who need help navigating through the legal system or City Hall. Larry’s compassion is overwhelming, and he is a natural advocate.

Larry loves the City of Rockford and wants Rockford’s assets to be utilized to their fullest potential. Change is a scary thing, but what’s scarier is the future of the City of Rockford if there is no change.

Jobs are leaving the city, and the young people in Rockford are moving away chasing these jobs and opportunities.

The river is not being utilized to its fullest potential. Riverwalk?

There is a lack of support for local business owners by the current city administration. We need to nurture, encourage and support local business owners and developers who want to invest their time and capital in Rockford. These projects will add diversity and pride to the city. I mean really, how many more Walgreens do we need?

I want to thank all of the volunteers for helping Larry on his way to City Hall, and I know how much he appreciates your support.

We need to admit that there are problems in Rockford and that the current administration is content letting these problems go unsolved. Larry has solutions to those problems that will make Rockford more attractive to businesses and residents.

Please vote for Larry Morrissey on April 5!

Stacey Dalton is Attorney Larry Morrissey’s former assistant.

From the March 30-April 5, 2005 issue

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