Guest Column: No support for military families shown here

I read with interest the story about River Bluff and wonder if this is what is happening at other county-run businesses. I worked at Animal Services and saw the same thing happen. In my case, my husband had been deployed to Ft. McCoy, Wis. It had been three weeks since I last saw him, and had received a phone call from my husband saying family could go up and visit the troops for the weekend. I gave Animal Services a two-day notice of wanting a vacation day. I was told I had to work because they did not know if a girl was going to call in sick or not. I had to work half a day. I did get to go up and see him for a few hours.

Mrs. (County Board Chairman Kris) Cohn saying how the county supports our troops did not ring true in our family. Because of the director’s decision, it meant my husband (a military man) was also punished in not being allowed to be with his family but for a few hours. At that time, the weekend was going to be the last time my family would have been allowed to see him before being shipped overseas. My husband did end up going to Kuwait, and he will be there for a year. A family is under a lot of stress at times like that and did not need to have this added stress in their life.

I have yet to receive an apology from the county on its poor decision. I was suspended the next weekend for not going into a meeting without a union rep there, which I had been told by two different union reps I had every right to do. How can they not do without me one weekend and suspend me the next? The same crew was scheduled to work both weekends, and they did fine without me there on the second weekend. Sounds like the county needs to punish the leaders and stop punishing the workers who are not afraid to speak up. I wonder how this would have been handled during an election year. I can tell you who will not get my vote, nor will my family vote for a certain person.

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