Guest Column: Only actors acting

Heraclitus said “a man’s character is his fate.” So also for nations. Thus, it’s a testament to uninformed Americans that they’ve allowed this nation to become a symbol of evil to others, and a national disgrace to themselves.

But Americans believe more in war than in peace, because war is patriotic, but peace isn’t because peace requires that we must live with others, deal with their problems, make true concessions and compromises with them, and accept them as we do ourselves—as equals—not as inferiors.

War, however, is far easier and more expeditious, in line with the commercial bent of the American mind, which dwells on material advantages only, with a lack of awareness for the moral consequences these material fixations bring. Why? Because in war, you simply kill those you don’t agree with, and voila!, you don’t have to deal with them; their problems no longer exist. In war, there is no problem of human equality; it doesn’t exist—they’re dead and you’re alive. If you kill them, the consequences are on your terms—theirs don’t exist—having been destroyed.

But Peace, like Truth and Character, is a more difficult route, which is why many Americans reject it, because they’re materially drugged, morally ignorant and spiritually lazy. Europeans used to laugh at Jerry Lewis; now they laugh at America and despise it, because a nation which prides itself on war will fail in peace, as its self-importance lies more in conflict than in cooperation, which is the basis of peace.

Consequently, it will continue seeking new enemies to feel confident about itself, confusing such confidence with good, which it isn’t, eventually succumbing to this evil conceit, meeting its immoral match from within or without—it won’t matter which—a failure to men in all respects. It has forgotten that the “wages of war are sin and death,” while the benefits of Peace are Virtue and Life, for if it must continuously fight to resurrect itself, internally or externally, with programs or ideas to control its own or others, it’s already fallen.

This nation no longer remembers that Virtue is its own reward, because its moral satisfaction lies in a secure state of Autonomy, not territory, individually and collectively, that doesn’t require another for meaning, purpose or control. Whereas vice must constantly seek new partners and territories of crime, to obscure the absence of moral meaning and purpose it implants in those involved in it.

By harboring the illusion they’re “The” Center of the world, rather than “a” center, Americans believe themselves destined as history’s progressive example.

A failed example, if we continue as is, for an unchecked nation, like an unchecked malignancy, is removed by Nature or destroys itself by destroying its host. Those who fear an “insecure world” make it that way.

How can Americans accept this fate? By failing to choose what they want to be, as passive sheep to the slaughter or as irate citizens firing their failed representatives, to reclaim their country. Call them today; tell them what to do—it’s obvious they don’t know or care—and then fire them. Love of country must come before party, and morality before money, if we cherish a future for our families, because Washington doesn’t care about either. “We the people” must act, because our officials are only actors acting. Thank you.

Gregory John Campbell was formerly involved with the natural health foods industry for 15 years and has a strong interest in national politics.

Rockford from the May 2-8, 2007, issue

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