Guest Column: Open letter to Rockford Register Star

Guest Column: Open letter to Rockford Register Star

By Larry Stafford

I don’t know where to start when it comes to your supposed “news” coverage of this year’s Illinois governor’s race.

It is quite obvious your paper has already decided who the next governor should be… Why don’t you just inform the public of whom the political machine has chosen, so that we can all save ourselves the hassle of actually going to the polls to vote! Your paper acts as if there are only two candidates on the ballot to vote for. Awful #1, and really awful #2…. I know of at least one other candidate who is on the ballot that your paper has decided “doesn’t exist!”

This other candidate actually is a quality candidate who would be very good for the working families of Illinois, and has 16 years experience in the state legislature! Why are you purposely doing a news “blackout” on the Libertarian Party candidate for governor, Cal Skinner? Is it because people would actually like what he has to say…. And then both the Republicans & the Democrats would actually be at risk of losing the race? What is the Rockford Register Star trying to hide from the public?

I’ve heard the excuse that Cal Skinner isn’t a “viable candidate.” Well, if people haven’t heard about a candidate… they’re not going to vote for them (or make them “viable”). Just the same … if you did a news blackout of the Democrat & Republican candidates… they wouldn’t be “viable” either! The Libertarian Party has jumped through every hoop & obstacle that the Dems & Repubs have set up for years just to get on the ballot. This year, the party collected more ballot petition signatures than were required of the other two parties put together! Cal Skinner is both a qualified, and a credible candidate who has legitimately won his place on the ballot. Your paper barely covering him is like telling thousands of voters across this state, “Screw you, your opinion doesn’t matter!” (Only 37 words about Cal, out of 2 1/2 pages of pictures & articles about the other two candidates!)

It’s amazing that with the governor’s debate in Rockford… The first comments on Chicago TV were about Cal Skinner being left outside the hall to only debate Jim-Rod, the two-headed chicken! Even Don & Roma on Chicago’s WLS radio had a live interview with Cal Skinner on Tuesday morning after the debate…. But still barely a peep out of Rockford’s Register Star who hosted the debate in Rockford!

It’s obvious that the Rockford Register Star won’t print this letter … because they’re only interested in hiding the honest truth, so I might as well say it the way it is….

The RRS is nothing more than a bunch of puppets… serving as a propaganda tool for the crooked establishment political machine!!! Please contact me, to limit my subscription to the Sunday advertisements only … since that is the only portion of your paper that actually provides an honest value to the community!

For all those in the public who want to find out about the Libertarian candidate for governor, Cal Skinner, that the RRS is trying to hide from you…. You can call, or find him on the web at: 1-866-SHAKE-UP, or

P.S. What would it take for your paper to cover Libertarians… for them to set the Coronado on fire? And then, of course, they would be made out to be freak political zealots… instead of the reasonable people who believe in smaller government & individual liberty as they actually are!

Larry Stafford is the local Libertarian Party public relations representative.

PO BOX 730




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