Guest Column: Park District’s 2005 Annual Report available to the public

The Board of Commissioners of the Rockford Park District has created an Annual Report to provide citizens with ongoing communication, to inform you of the progress we are making and the results that have been achieved during 2005, and to report on how we are progressing in maintaining balanced programs within available resources.

The Board of Commissioners is ultimately accountable for everything that happens at the Rockford Park District. We are five people who are elected to serve six-year terms, and volunteer our time to serve because we care deeply about our community, and we want to preserve the Rockford Park District legacy.

The job of the Commissioners is to determine funding and service priorities by deciding which services will be provided, for which people, at what cost. We have to decide what results can be produced, for whom, with the dollars we have to work with.

Following the defeat of a tax increase referendum by voters in April 2003, your Board of Commissioners approved a 2004-2006 Framework Financial Plan, which shifted more resources toward safety and security and funding for repair and replacement of existing assets for three years.

Additionally, the plan increased priority for recreation program services for youngsters during summer months and when school is not in session, as well as serving economically disadvantaged youth and those with disabilities. Funding for these recreational priorities continues to be a major issue, with many of the District’s current resources going first toward safety, security and maintenance.

2005 was the second year of the plan, and the Annual Report details how we progressed in maintaining balanced programs within available resources. You will also discover how the Rockford Park District Foundation has expanded its role in philanthropy, along with grants and sponsorships, filling in the gap for resources.

We encourage you to obtain and read the 2005 Annual Report, and if you didn’t receive one in the mail, they are available at the Downtown Office at 401 S. Main, in brochure racks at recreation facilities, or download from our Web site at, or call

987-8800 (TTY, 963-DEAF) and one will be mailed.

We always welcome your participation in and communication about how the Park District is performing. We have twice-monthly public Board meetings, generally held on the second and fourth Tuesday at 5 p.m. at the Downtown Office, 401 S. Main St., or you can send us a letter, e-mail, or call us anytime.

Nate Martin, President

Harris H. Agnew, Douglas J. Brooks, Charlotte Hackin and

Laura Pigatti Williamson

From the May 17-23, 2006, issue

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