Guest Column: Praise the Lord and pass the lipstick

The mainstream media, a.k.a. the Corporate Media, are doing flips and twists stumbling over each other trying to find out if General Petraeus’ testimony before Congress has had the desired effect of changing the mindset of America in relation to the success, or lack thereof, in the War on Iraq. Perhaps a complete moron might believe the Rovian Fairy Tales perpetrated by Petraeus and his fellow lackey, Ambassador Ryan Crocker.

The fact remains, they are applying another coat of lipstick on the same ol’ sow. A pig by any other name still smells like a pig.

The question these so-called “investigative journalists” should be asking, and, of course, the one they never will ask, is this, “Does America want to become a democracy or an empire?” For, as the Fat Man and the Boy Blunder have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, you cannot do both.

The Patriot Act, warrantless wiretaps, torture, extreme rendition, the suspension of habeas corpus, sham elections in Florida and Ohio, the corporate sacking of the U.S. Treasury, ad infinitum… Well, you get the picture. The veritable shredding of the Constitution by this Empirical Presidency has pretty much annihilated democracy in America.

Before you decide if Empire of the World is the way we Americans want to go, let us reflect on the fate of empire addicts of the past. Remember Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire, Napoleon, Hitler, and the once-massive Soviet Union. Is this the track record We the People want to emulate?

We are already witnessing cracks in the fragile shell of empire. The most glaring example is the effects of Hurricane Katrina on our Gulf Coast and the impotent response of the most powerful nation on earth. Then there is our collapsing infrastructure, i.e., a bridge in Minnesota, the prevalence of poverty in the richest nation on earth, and, sadly, our children may be the first generation in 200 years to enjoy a lower standard of living than their parents. Mere casualties of warmongering.

I would like to believe a compassionate democracy would not allow this to happen. It is obvious an arrogant empire would. Status quo or brave new world, you make the call.

Carl Thompson is a resident of Machesney Park and an ex-pig slopper.

from the Oct. 17-23, 2007, issue

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