Guest Column: Prohibition regime and the new jail

Guest Column: Prohibition regime and the new jail

By M. L. Simon

I want to congratulate The Rock River Times and Jeff Havens for the fine article on the need for the new jail.

I think he proves to all but the most skeptical that drug prohibition has nothing to do with protecting us from the dangers of drugs, and everything to do with stealing from the citizens of this country in the name of protecting us from imaginary demons and hobgoblins. These demons have been manufactured out of whole cloth in order to scare us into parting with our cash and our liberties.

There is no better way to generate a crime wave than to create a prohibition regime. We learned this the hard way in the 1920s. We are learning this the harder way today. Prohibition regimes do not come cheap. Ask the USSR, where everyone was a snitch to help keep illegal goods from being bought and sold.

The only way to prevent people from trading for what they want is to have watchers on every block: Snitches in every home, children ratting out their parents, and parents sending their children to jail. All in the name of stopping trade in goods that people want. Is this the kind of country we want to live in? Czarist Russia? Could this be the reason the head man for the program in America is called the Drug Czar?

It corrupts government at every level.

The biggest supporters of this corruption are the corrupt newspapers in America who could find the truth with as little effort as an Internet search on the real dangers of drugs versus the real dangers of prohibition. Any honest reporter could tell you that of the two problems, the corruption of prohibition is by far the much greater of the two problems.

Those of you who know me know I have my differences with Frank and Jeff on the matter of the current war and the best way to organize America’s economic affairs, but in this matter, they have hit the bull’s eye.

Thanks, Jeff. Thanks, Frank.

Vote no on the jail referendum. Vote no on expanding the American gulag.

M. L. Simon is an industrial controls designer and Free Market Green. (c) M. Simon – All rights reserved. Permission granted for one-time use in a single periodical publication. Permission also granted for concurrent publication on the periodical’s www site.

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