Guest Column: Response to Barbara Graham re: Narconon

I am writing in response to the editorial you printed from Barbara Graham regarding the Narconon drug rehabilitation and education program and the Church of Scientology.

To start with, the Narconon programs have helped hundreds of thousands of people through drug education and prevention as well as effective rehabilitation in dozens of countries across the world over the last 40 years. Over the last seven years, I have witnessed many lives saved through my work with Narconon Arrowhead and owe much of my own sobriety and well-being to the people and the technology used by L. Ron Hubbard to help addicts through recovery.

The program has also received support from many professionals in the field and elected officials, and has been certified by the State of Oklahoma Department of Mental Health as well as accredited by the nationally-recognized Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission. These are no small feats in themselves, and they can be verified by viewing the documents at

Please consider more carefully the sources of information you receive and feel free to do your own research. I am sure you will find out that there are many more lives saved and supporters of Narconon than the tiny number of antagonists who try to prevent people from getting better.

Lucas A. Catton, Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor, is affiliated with the Drug Free Alliance, an initiative of a nonprofit foundation that supports drug-free activities, in Eufaula, Okla.

From the April 19-25, 2006, issue

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