Guest Column: Response to Guest Column 'Contributions and influence'

This is in response to an article written in The Rock River Times, Sept. 6-12, 2006, edition, titled “Contributions and influence” Guest Column, by Richard Ott. Attached is a schedule of events that states the process followed to obtain qualified firms to assist Winnebago County with the Land Use Plan and rewrite of the zoning ordinances.

Camiros, LTD, a national firm, located in Chicago, teamed with Nicolosi and Associates and presented a written document and as a formal interview outlining their qualifications along with several other firms. A committee was established with representatives who will be involved in the process over the next 12 months, and they made the recommendations to the Zoning Committee and, ultimately, the full Winnebago County Board. The committee’s direction from Chairman [Scott] Christiansen was to be thorough and to select the best qualified proposal.

Language within the contract with Camiros, LTD, and Nicolosi specifically prohibits them from doing development/construction within the same unincorporated area of Winnebago County for the duration of the contract.

This information is being provided as actual facts of how the process was conducted.


Sally Claassen

Winnebago County Purchasing Director

cc: Richard Ott

Winnebago County Citizens for Controlled Growth Board

Elissa Wallis

Keith Wilson

Stephen Schultz

Ann Schroeder

Land use plan and rewrite of the zoning ordinances schedule of events

The following represents a schedule of events for the land use plan and rewrite of the zoning ordinances for Winnebago County.

1. A Steering Committee was established to evaluate the request for qualifications and to oversee the entire project to ensure the project stayed on schedule and within the budget limits established. This committee reports progress to the Winnebago County Zoning Committee and the County Board Chairman. The committee consists of the following:

(3) Members from the Planning and Economic Development Department

(1) Member from the Forest Preserve District

(1) Member from the County Highway Department

(1) Member from the County Zoning Committee

(1) Purchasing for process oversight

2. Request for Qualifications (RFQs) was sent out March 27, 2006. Sixteen different firms were sent the RFQ. The process was to review written as well as conduct interviews before a final recommendation was made to the Winnebago County Board.

3. RFQs were opened April 20, 2006. Four firms responded. They were:

Teska Associates

Duncan and Associates

Clarion Team


4. Interviews with all four firms were conducted at the Winnebago County Forest Preserve District Headquarters May 9, 2006. Based on their written and oral presentation, plus inclusion of a local firm, the Committee overwhelmingly approved Camiros/Nicolosi.

5. May 24, 2006, a recommendation went to the Zoning Committee recommending Camiros/Nicolosi for consulting services for the land use plan and rewrite of the Zoning ordinance. The committee approved unanimously.

6. The resolution went before the full County Board May 25, 2006. The County Board approved by a verbal vote with two members absent.

7. The contract was negotiated for an amount not to exceed $355,000, and executed June 26, 2006. This total is an amount for both firms, including the Land Use Guide and Zoning Code updates.

From the Sept. 20-26, 2006, issue

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