Guest Column: Robert Kaderly on the move?

Stephenson County Democrats held a press conference at their Freeport headquarters Tuesday, Oct. 31, to announce that Monday they confirmGuest Column: Robert Kaderly on the move? ed that on Oct. 20 “Republican County Board Candidate Robert Kaderly has purchased a home [in District ‘G’] and has or will be moving out of * District F where he is seek[ing] office.

“It is also our understanding that Mr. Kaderly chose not to disclose this information to voters at a public forum in Freeport on Monday October 23rd, or to the press and local organizations who endorse candidates.

Stephenson County Democratic Party Chairman Tom Jackson said: “It is unethical for a candidate and/or a political party to knowingly mislead voters in such a manner.”

Following are some District “F” constituent questions:

Did Kaderly and the Republican Party intend to deceive County voters?

For what purpose?

Who knew and when?

At least County Democrats found out BEFORE the election.

“In 1998, a similar situation occurred and it wasn’t until AFTER the election [Democrats] became aware,” Jackson said.

But by then it was too late, the voters had spoken (or so they thought); the Republican Party selected the replacement; and an “incumbent” was born!

Often media and “community leaders” allege “voter apathy”? These deceptive practices enable those in control to stay in control.

Voter apathy? Na-uh! Voter hopelessness! What IS the point of voting if a party can so easily substitute players?

So why beat our chest and pretend to be surprised/disappointed when juvenile crime increases or a voter turnout decreases?

Make a pledge. All politics IS local! Don’t vote for appointed/hand-selected incumbents! Make a choice—ELECT your next representative.

Contributing Writer Marianne L. Garvens is a Freeport resident.

From the Nov. 1-7, 2006, issue

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