Guest Column: Rosemarie Slavenas' personal creed

1) I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America.

2) I believe in the Bill of Rights.

3) I believe our freedom to peaceably assemble is violated when armed police on horseback are sent against unarmed citizens on foot exercising their right to assemble.

4) I believe in the freedom of speech.

5) I believe our freedom of speech is violated when listening devices are placed in the homes of ordinary citizens by the government.

6) I believe in freedom of the press.

7) I believe the freedom of the press is violated when reporters on the battlefield are embedded, and their reports must be approved by the people they are to report on.

8) I believe the freedom of the press is violated when the government does not allow reporters to take pictures of the caskets of our slain soldiers, family members, and friends who arrive in Dover.

9) I believe in freedom for all people.

10) I believe self-determination is the crux of freedom for individuals and nations.

11) I believe all people in the world have the right of self-determination.

12) I believe freedom cannot be gained with bombs and bullets.

13) I believe freedom exists in human hearts and minds.

14) I believe pre-emptive attacks against one’s neighbors, whatever the venue, violate the freedom and self-determination of all the people in the world community.

15) I believe if I make pre-emptive strikes against my neighbor, I will lose my freedom.

16) I believe all elected representatives of the people of the United States of America should follow the Constitution of our nation.

17) I ask each elected representative of the people of our nation to act immediately to bring our family members, friends and fellow citizens home.

18) I believe this is right.

19) I believe to do otherwise is wrong.

Rosemarie D. Slavenas is a Rockford resident. Her son served as a helicopter pilot in Iraq before he was killed.

from the issue March 14-20, 2007, issue

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