Guest Column: Take back government: Support third-party candidates

There is a growing discontent nationwide with the “status quo”—or should I say, “status flow”!

So, if you are a Republican, Democrat or non-partisan and feeling disenfranchised, you are not alone, and help is on the way.

A grassroots effort is underway in northwest Illinois to take back government.

The People’s Party is expanding beyond Freeport—wherever citizens feel over-taxed, over-regulated, under-represented and/or misrepresented.

The People’s Party holds the following beliefs:

Government should serve the public;

Public input should always be welcome;

Taxes, fines and fees are too high;

Oppressive policies inhibit innovation;

Asking questions and giving input is good;

Rubber-stampers serve no one well;

Laws and process should be followed;

Government should set standards of excellence;

Public business should be debated openly;

The record should reflect that business; and

Voters should have a choice on the ballot.

May 22 was the last day parties could caucus candidates; they will say a third party will confuse voters and issues. Hogwash! A third party will help keep government responsive/responsible.

Two non-democratic trends in Stephenson County are incumbents retire, and insiders get appointed, becoming the incumbent by default; and officials create debt to speculate in hopes revenue will increase, claiming taxes will go down. Instead, what happens in the second situation is taxes increase, and debt grows to cover costs when revenues fall short of claims. Then, the speculators leave when it’s too expensive to stay.

Don’t become one of a growing majority of non-voters or sideline citizens. If you don’t like your choices in the upcoming election, become a third-party candidate; petitions can still be circulated and filed the week of June 19-26.

People of all political persuasions and diverse opinions are welcome and encouraged to join the People’s Party—call John Cook, 815-235-8989.

From the May 24-30, 2006, issue

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