Guest Column: The real ‘Blood for Oil’ is coming to our hemisphere

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If you thought most of our foreign oil comes from the Middle East, you would be wrong. You would be, and can in the future be, dead wrong.

Most of our foreign oil comes from the Western Hemisphere; Canada, Mexico and Venezuela are our largest sources of imported oil. After that comes Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.

If you bought into “Blood for Oil,” well, every propagandist needs a willing vessel for misinformation. Plenty of ignorant and poorly-educated folks are out there waiting for their minds to be molded like putty.

So, why am I being so belligerent in my writing? Because the real “Blood for Oil” War is coming, and it is on the metaphorical doorstep of GenY’s future. And it is going to make Gulf War II look like a picnic at a Little League game.

Huh?! What is JimBob babbling about?

It is pretty simple. While you were all asleep worried about 9/11 and the Iraq War, Central America and South America were heating up into a maelstrom of unbelievable future tension. Blame years of bungling our foreign policy, especially in Nicaragua and Colombia.

President Clinton’s Plan Colombia (The War on Drugs) has created powerful political enemies in Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, as well as leftists movements in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Nicaragua. Ah, Nicaragua, of the Iran/Contra affair. History has a way of repeating itself…in a strange, twisted, tortured way.

The U.S. is engaged right this minute in a war in Latin America using more troops and mercs than the Iran/Contra affair in the ’80s. There, I said it. Yes, more than double the number of troops that were deployed in the mid-’80s to Central America. And not just in Honduras and El Salvador like in the ’80s, where a few hired mercs were used. No, this is a wholesale change in warfare with most of the heavy lifting going to private contractors.

Why not? The arms merchants of the world are arming Latin America to the teeth, and those Latin nations can afford to buy. Why? Well, two things: oil is at an all-time high price (filled your car lately, Sunshine?), and those formerly impoverished Third World nations have steadily paid off all those Petrodollar loans that the IMF and the World Bank saddled them with during the turbulent ’80s.

And guess y’all who is coming to dinner armed with state-of-the-art Sukhoi-30s to replace the aging U.S. F-16s Venezuela purchased more than 20 years ago, and brand-new AK-47s? No one else but our old friend Hugo Chavez. In fact, the Russians not only are selling Venezuela 100,000 AKs (actually upgraded models 103 and 104—read—more accurate, therefore, more deadly), but the licensing, tooling and a factory to build hundreds of thousands more.

The Chavez government is also in the process of procuring up to 50 military helicopters and 10 to 12 Russian TOR-M self-propelled anti-aircraft missile batteries. This is the same anti-aircraft missile system that was sold just recently to Iran and is protecting the Iranian nuclear facilities that are under construction. Anyone else notice how chummy the presidents of Iran, Venezuela and Russia have been lately? Reminds me of an inter-fraternity kegger where everyone is looking to score.

Why would Venezuela need this capacity, you ask? Here is a little bit of history to bring you up to speed: Since the 1960s, Venezuela has been our chief source of cheap foreign Gas-o-line. Not a source of crude oil, shipped here and refined, but refined gasoline. This has not gone unnoticed by the leftist and populist governments of late in Venezuela. So, El Presidénte Chavez, who came to power in 1998, slowly paid off his IMF oil loans in 2003, and waited patiently. As the chain of events leading up to 9/11 made the U.S. weaker on the political stage, Chavez in a brilliant move removed the longest-functioning bicameral congress in Latin America and created a single congress, much like in Soviet Russia. He then booted out the IMF and has been planning his revolution ever since.

Now, as the Western Hemisphere is eagerly exploiting the last remaining sources of heavy crude in sand oils in Canada, Chavez has finished the nationalization of the oil production facilities (they used to be owned by U.S. companies) and is sitting on the world’s largest source of heavy oil sands in the Orinoco Basin. And he booted all of the foreign oil corporations out of Venezuela.

Have you noticed all the Citgo ads lately? The ones touting controlling the sources of the oil they import? Cough. Snicker.

Propaganda. Corporate propaganda. Gives all you sleep-heads a reason to fight for “your” oil in the future by planting the “seeds” now. Just what is our oil doing underneath the Orinoco Basin? They all want “freedom,” right?


I can just hear Chavez now: Check and checkmate.

So, sensing freedom from the leash of the IMF/World Bank, the newly-elected president of Ecuador has also just kicked out the IMF from Ecuador and made them “non-gratis.” Other nations are soon to follow their lead in Latin America.

Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Nicaragua are turning hard to the left. Just as Castro is “waiting” patiently to lie in state like Lenin, new and much more powerful forces are at work than in Castro’s original Revolution. Oil. Even former strongman Daniel Ortega, Iran/Contra foe of the U.S., has been re-elected into the presidency of Nicaragua.

It is almost like Ché Guevara (El Ché, as he is remembered in Latin America) is smiling down on his comrades and saying, “Hasta la Victoria, Siempre.”

Until the victory, always “fight.”

He would be right.

Check and checkmate.

Jim Phelps is the co-owner of Phoenix Traders, Inc., 215 Seventh St., Rockford.

from the July 11-17, 2007, issue

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