Guest Column: War veterans’ benefits confiscated

World War II and Korean War veteran retirees have been screwed by Republicans and our benefits confiscated! As you can see from the heading to this letter [Ed. Note: including an upside-down American flag—distress signal], I am very angry, and I will work hard to kick these theives out of office.

As a Korean War veteran retiree, I am strongly objecting to the confiscation of my earned health care benefits—primarily by a Republican Congress. President Bush promised to keep our contract prior to the election, but that was just another lie. In fact, he sent an army of lawyers to the Supreme Court to prevent the Court from even hearing our case against the government. Certainly, he could not afford to have veterans win a suit against his administration!

I insist that the government make restitution for confiscating my earned benefits! Additionally, I want full health care coverage restored with all premiums and co-pays waived. That was the agreement when I enlisted and re-enlisted to serve for 20 or more years.

I enlisted in the United States Air Force on May 20, 1949, for an initial period of three years. I gave up control of my life and became a “second-class citizen”—agreeing to obey all lawful orders given me. And, in return, if I honorably served for a period of 20 or more years, I would receive retirement pay and health care benefits for my wife and me. This promise was repeated to me at each time of re-enlistment. I kept my part of the bargain, and I fully expected the government to keep its part as well.

There are many other reasons to “KICK ‘EM OUT,” but my immediate concern is to get restitution for their confiscation of my health care benefits. I want to hear from you and the candidates on this subject—will you support us on this issue???

Editor’s Note: Yes, we fully support all veterans in their contracts made with the U.S. Government.

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