Guest Column: What comes around, goes around

Guest Column: What comes around, goes around

By Craig G. Campbell

The U.S. appears to be heading to war behind the imperial presidency of George Bush Jr. As Senator Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia said on the Senate floor October 4 regarding S.J. RES. 45 [CSR S99541], authorizing a pre-emptive strike by “United States Armed Forces Against Iraq”:

“Are we going to present the face of America as the face of a bully that is ready to go out at high noon with both guns blazing, or are we going to maintain the face of America as a country which believes in justice, the rule of law, freedom and liberty and the rights of all people to work out their ultimate destiny?”

War does not occur with a joint resolution of Congress pre-empting the U.S. Constitution and committing generations of Americans to terrorism and bloodshed. War is created in the minds and hearts of men and women who fail to “see” their thinking and actions spreading quantum waves of stress, tension and hatred throughout the world until the equilibrium between good and evil is so usurped in global coherence that catastrophe, manmade or natural, breaks out to restore balance.

Everyone feels and thinks that their actions are limited in effect. People say all the time: “Well, if it doesn’t hurt the people around me, why should I care?” And so the bombs fall in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Croatia, Iraq, Vietnam and Korea. They kill soldiers, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. But their lives don’t count. Their rage and suffering, their grief and sorrow, their loss and pain, their resignation and despair, their hate and anger have no effects, no quantum movement in creation, no direction, no purpose. Only American lives count. Only the United States is of concern in the universe.

There is nothing to commend such collective refusal to face the effects of our past and present national behavior. Don’t believe for one minute that someone else created this crisis with Iraq. You and I created it. We nurtured it with our possessiveness, our selfishness, our desire to control and dictate. Don’t believe that what you do today will affect you tomorrow. That equation only works for the other 9/10ths of the human race. America has never committed aggression or violence against other cultures, tribes, or nations. 9/11 was unthinkable, unbelievable and untenable in a nation whose sole collective consciousness is so right, honorable and just.

Do bad things happen to good countries? Does global terrorism come out of the blue as a pre-emptive strike from the laws of nature? When history no longer reminds us of our follies, faults and retributions, then what we do, individually and collectively, has no consequences. We can then decimate, extirpate and annihilate to our heart’s content, smug in the knowledge that our actions can do no harm to ourselves.

Such thinking destroys personal lives and nations. No one is beyond the reciprocity of their actions and their effects. You walk outside your home, your office, shop or school, and you are staring history right in the face. There is no way to avoid it. No way to dodge it. No way to refinance it. We are all, individually and collectively, responsible for everything that happens to us. Nature does not measure out what has not already been measured in. If you want war, you will get war. If you want heaven on earth, nature will respond. “For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.” The physics of history are in your blood, your brains, your genes, your very breath. You are creating it, and you will live it, good or bad, joyfully or in grief. Benezir Bhutto said it succinctly when she addressed the Rockford community on September 19 at Rockford College: “… it is not about winning or losing, but doing the right thing.”

The universe is waiting.

Craig G. Campbell is a local researcher, writer and futurist.

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