Guest Column: What is homeopathy?

The purpose of this column is to educate people about the uses of homeopathic remedies. It will be a tool for some readers in self-care. I will be discussing one remedy at a time or a group of remedies according to their uses in acute care. This column is not intended to treat or diagnose chronic disease, and only over-the-counter homeopathic remedies that can be obtained in health food stores will be discussed.

I will also discuss the philosophy and history of homeopathic remedies and homeopathic medicine. I would also like to engage my reading audience with an “ask the homeopath” section, where I will answer questions written to me in my e-mail. Here is a brief history and explanation of homeopathy. I hope it is enlightening.

In 1790, Samuel Hahnemann began developing homeopathy as a system of healing. He was a well-known and respected physician and medical scholar. For reasons both ethical and professional, he retired from his allopathic medical profession. In this regard, he wrote, “I renounced the practice of medicine that I might no longer incur the risk of doing injury.” He did, however, continue his investigations and medical translations. While translating a medical textbook, he came across a faulty explanation as to why quinine cures malaria. He decided to experiment with cinchona bark from which quinine is derived, and discovered that quinine causes malaria type symptoms. His was the first break-through since Hippocrates in the discovery of the law (not theory) that cures simillia similibus cuentur (Latin).

Symptoms of illness and disease are signs of an activated immune system. Allopathic medicine works by suppressing symptoms. When the symptoms subside, the disease is pushed deeper into the economy of the individual. Homeopathy incites the body to fight harder in the same direction the disease is already going, thus stimulating the body to finish the natural defense process, which then results in cure.

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Krista Voysest teaches to a small group of homeopaths at Beloit College.

From the Sept. 6-12, 2006, issue

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