Guest Column: Why did we vote?

Why did we vote?

The new Bush budget is for imperial gain, it is not for peace or domestic prosperity. It’s about waging economic war on the American people under the guise of “patriotic sacrifice,” “cutting big (good) government” and the “war on terror” to profit corporate interests, while undermining the democratic benefits of social programs that historically have been reasonable, dependable, manageable and credible for Americans.

The deceptive reality of this fiscal plan is that of the government acting contrary to our nation and constitution. Accordingly, this budget is not “for the people,” but for political royalists demolishing every vestige of economic opportunity remaining in it for their gain. Our social security is paying for their failed wars, doctrines and plans.

Such reflects a false mammonistic government striving to reduce America to neo-feudalism, not for preserving egalitarian democracy. Consequently, Americans face two choices: 1) permit manufactured national destruction, or 2) support constitutional resurrection. Both pose risk, but the former mandates political despotism, while the latter heralds lawful freedom. Don’t believe this? Wait and see.

Why did we vote in 2006? To choose our masters or mold our destiny? To remain passive “followers” or become powerful leaders? The challenge facing us is greater than our original independence, but face it we must, or our children will. We now know voting won’t change government, so we must do more.

We must contact our representatives monthly, or nothing will change. For if they don’t hear from us, they’ll do what they please, sealing our fate as a nation. We must tell them to stop the political deceptions or else. We must tell them to pull out of Iraq and to impeach Bush and Cheney if they intend to attack Iran, or Western civilization will end.

Neither “law and order” conservatives nor “cradle-to-grave” liberals know what’s happened to our country, because neither has the moral capacity to recognize they’ve ruined it. U.S. Sen. Obama says “our politics is too small,” but that is what party politics will always be: political, not moral, and thus too small. We must be bigger than party politics to save our nation; we must silence party politics to regain our national freedom.

Americans, don’t blame the parties, blame yourselves for failing your country. You look at government as the “solution,” when it will always be a problem, when you treat it like a father to a son. Government is no mystery. If you allow its failures, they’ll be yours.

When will we stop being the “children” of party politics and start being the adults of our nation and Constitution? Are these parties more important to our country than we? No! But until we change them and our nation, the parties won’t. Face it; the parties don’t give a damn about our nation, because if they had, we wouldn’t be here today, would we?

Paul Craig Roberts at, Feb. 5, 2007, in an editorial titled “The U.S. and Israel, The Real Failed States,” asked: “What does democracy mean if elected leaders ignore public opinion?”[1] It means NOTHING, and yet Americans continue as if national disaster could never happen here. If you believe that, you’re not thinking. You believe watching the news will change our nation. Watching changes nothing; only acting does.

But we’re afraid of common-sense truth. We’re afraid to face the real “terror” confronting our nation—that of an unchecked political syndicate running roughshod over us, our elections and our Constitution. As a “People” we’ve become the moral shadow of our founding fathers, instead of retaining their light, yet we continue to preserve the political darkness engulfing us, instead of employing their constitutional light.

One can never find light by examining darkness, yet that is what our “leaders” insist we do with government. Is it any wonder, then, that everything we know about them is wrong? No, because those who ignore the truth are condemned to believe a lie. If you accept this, America, you’ll be greeting your Caesars with “Morituri Te Salutant.” At that point, don’t cry to heaven when you’ve done nothing to change the earth. Thank you.

Gregory John Campbell is a Rockord resident.

From the March 7-13, 2007, issue

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