Guest Column: Winnebago County Citizens for Controlled Growth

WCCCG is a nonprofit corporation. The board of directors are: Ellisa Wallis, president; Keith Wilson, vice president (815/988-5563); Richard Ott, secretary; Steve Schultz, treasurer (624-6046); and Ann Schroeder, assistant treasurer (624-0666). Membership is open to anyone in the community by notifying any one of the board members listed.

The WCCCG formed in response to the Winnebago County Zoning Committee (4-3) and the Winnebago County Board (19-4) approving a special use permit for Chris Cannell/Dyn Cannell to build a residential development on Prairie Avenue north of Rockton Road in Rockton Township on what is zoned agricultural property. Prior to those votes, the Rockton Township Planning Commission voted it down 4-0, the Rockton Township Board voted it down 5-0, the Zoning Board of Appeals had stated it was “the wrong plan, in the wrong place, at the wrong time” and voted it down 5-0.

Actions taken by the WCCCG include a lawsuit against the Winnebago County Board for making an arbitrary and capricious decision without regard to its impact on the community; and the constitutionality of making such a decision without people having the right to object. The Rockton Township Board also filed suit against the County Board on those premises.

Additionally, the WCCCG’s purpose is to inform the citizens of the Village of Rockton, the Township of Rockton, and the citizens of Winnebago County as to the effect it will have on their way of life if these special use permits for Planned Community Developments are approved by the Winnebago Planning Commission and the Winnebago County Board without people having a right to legally object.

It is the intention of the WCCCG to promote the six standards for property development through contact with local and county governing bodies; and through contact with individual political representatives, to remind them whom they represent.

Communication is extremely important and is being done by way of a calling tree, flyers, word of mouth, and the media when it is appropriate. Currently, meeting announcements are being relayed through the calling tree.

We need your help to disseminate information as it becomes available and also with the auction. If you have questions and/or are willing to help promote planned and controlled growth for Rockton Township, please contact Karen Schultz (624-6046) or Ann Schroeder (624-0666).

The WCCCG welcomes any and all contributions to help defray the expense of the lawsuit and possible appeal. It is our intention to have an auction this fall as a fund-raiser that will draw support from Winnebago County citizens. Contributions can be made to WCCCG and mailed to P.O. Box 463, Roscoe, IL 61073. Please indicate if you wish your donation to be anonymous.

From the Sept. 6-12, 2006, issue

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