Guest Column:Save America for your children

FDR said in his presidential acceptance speech, June 27, 1936:

“… It has been brought home to us that the only effective guide for the safety of this most worldly of worlds, the greatest guide of all, is moral principle… In this world of ours…there are some people who, in times past, have lived and fought for freedom, and seem to have grown too weary to carry on the fight. They have sold their heritage to freedom for the illusion of a living. They have yielded their democracy.”

A moral people knows it is “Principles, not men” that preserves their nation. For without moral Principles, men will reduce all values to what they can hold in their hands, becoming creatures of monied principal only, forfeiting their duty as guardians of Principle. Such are the “merchants” Jefferson warned us of, having no country, family or morality; willing to sell everything to secure their pockets, confusing the ability to “make a living” with the heritage of moral values enabling them to do so. Such achieve materially, but contribute nothing morally or spiritually.

There are millions of them in America. Their credo: “gain wealth; forgetting all but self.” We meet them each and every day, and because they’ve sacrificed the moral Principles founding our nation for money, they deserve contempt only. They’ve infiltrated every layer of life in our nation, destroying its original moral value and egalitarian basis. Ronald Reagan crystallized this immorality, for with his presidency, money replaced Morality in America.

Reagan wrongly believed that market capitalism preserved Freedom. But if this were true (which it isn’t), Freedom could only exist where there is money, market or profit. But this turns Freedom into a negative captive of principal, when clearly, it is a moral standard of Principle; a positive rule of conduct and expectation for men, remaining spiritually available and unchanged as such, regardless of the wealth men may accrue or the system used to do so.

Because of Reagan’s moral failure (and those like him), we should see them as the principal frauds they are, making America more mechanical, less thoughtful; more predatory, less benevolent; moral amoral, less human, because they sought base materiality only, voiding the spiritual requirements of our nation.

There is no excuse for this leadership failure ever. Such “realists” claim “human nature” is the cause of this behavior, failing to see human nature as individual choice collectivized over time. Consequently, the success or failure of men and nations to grow is not their “fallen” nature; it’s their choice. It’s their will; it’s never a given.

All these capital opportunists were raised on standards of moral Principle delineating the consequences of not doing so, yet they all chose the path of selfish gain—moral error—more so, than the path of Principle conduct—Moral Character—to fulfill their mammonistic tendencies. Is it any wonder, then, that they deeded this same failure to their nation, so as not to see its tragedy prevented, by revealing them as its source? No, it’s not.

America is now being destroyed by the greed of these unconstitutional profiteers, all because they wanted to exercise their despotic material choices more so, than their moral spiritual obligations. Being the Pilates they are, they gloss over their crimes with faith and circumstance, when all they really are, are Judases, each and every one.

Thus, it’s no wonder the market is failing, because they deserve nothing less for debasing the moral Principles establishing our lives, nation and destiny. This will be the least harmful way for Rome’s follies to end, if the markets continue declining. Then, when these traders lose their ability to “market” distant lands, they’ll return to us to exploit their principal again, then uphold us as equals in Principle to them.

Because of them, America borders on catastrophe. Call Congress. Blame Bush and Cheney for bungling again! With instability, history shows anything can happen. Could more terrorism? Who knows? But one thing we do know is that America shouldn’t be penalized for any more Bush/Cheney failures again. Demand their impeachment. Save America for your children.

Gregory John Campbell was formerly involved with the natural health foods industry for 15 years, has a strong interest in national politics and is from Rockford.

from the Aug. 29-Sept. 4, 2007, issue

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