Guest Essay: Civil Rights and how they have affected my life

Guest Essay: Civil Rights and how they have affected my life

By Andrea Saldana

Editor’s note: In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, YouthBuild Rockford held an essay contest. The winner was 21-year-old Andrea Saldana, a single mother of one daughter, who is enrolled in computer class. Her career goal is to work with youth. She has enjoyed her experience with YouthBuild.

Civil Rights and how

they have affected my life

To me, the Civil Rights movement has affected not only me, but people all around the world a great deal. To me as a young white/Hispanic woman, I know that I have the right to vote. Where before, in the 1900s, women of any race were not allowed to vote.

The civil rights [movement] has also had an effect on all Americans; we now have the right, whether one might be black, white, or Jewish, to stand in the same lunch line, drink out of the same drinking fountain or even sit anywhere on the bus.

As a young American female, I’m so grateful to be in a time where everyone born has rights, and everyone is created equal.

I’m proud to be an American with rights. I have the right of free speech, the right to vote, to agree to disagree, and more important, I have the right to have any color of friends that I choose to have.

To me, the Civil Rights movement was a good step. To be an individual and to be human without these rights, I think this world would be crazy and unfair.

As a great civil rights leader once said, “I have a dream.” I also have one. My dream is to have everyone treated equally and make people see that what lies underneath the color of one’s skin and what is in a person’s heart is the only thing that should matter.

I never really gave this topic much thought until this assignment. I didn’t think I knew as much as I did. The Civil Rights movement was one of the greatest movements ever made.

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